Does my Occupation Affect Auto Insurance Rates in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas?

When you are trying to lower your auto insurance rates in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, you may worry about what affects your premium and what does not. Although your occupation may have a minor impact on your premium, it is not usually a direct correlation.

Credit Rating

The primary way that your occupation may impact your car insurance policy is through your credit rating. When you earn more money, you may have a better credit score because it is easier to keep up with your bills and you have a lower risk of defaulting on your loans. You may also have a greater amount of available credit, which results in a better credit rating.

Although your credit score is not the only factor that impacts your auto insurance rates, it does play a role in the premium that you are offered.

Driving History

The primary factor that impacts your insurance premium is not related to your occupation, it is related to your history of accidents and reckless driving behavior. If you have several tickets for speeding, then you may discover that you have a higher insurance premium when compared to a driver who has never received a speeding ticket.

Your driving history will have a greater impact on your insurance rates than your occupation because it is directly related to your vehicle and your risk of getting into an accident.

Your occupation may not have a great impact on your insurance rates because the primary concern for an insurer is whether you have a high risk of getting into an accident. While it may have a minor impact due to your credit rating, it is unlikely that you will see a change in your premium if you change jobs. Contact us to talk to an independent agent for more information today.