Will homeowners insurance cover the cost to repair home due to poor construction remodel?

If you are tired of looking at your outdated kitchen and decide to do a remodel, you will need to budget for the expense. You can get the money from your savings, you can borrow it from friends, or you might even take out a home equity loan. You can not file a claim or ask your home insurance company to pay to finance the costs of home repair or home construction in such a scenario.

In a similar light, if you hire a contractor and he does a terrible job on your remodeling project, you have no basis for filing a claim under your homeowners policy. Your action would be against the contractor for the shoddy work he did. Insurance is not there to protect you against poor workmanship when the home repair is not related to a covered loss.

Now, your homeowners insurance may pay to cover the cost to repair your home due to a poor construction remodel if it was related to damage suffered by a covered peril. For instance, if a storm tears off half of your roof, you are entitled to have the roof repaired or replaced so it is in the same or better condition as it was in before it was damaged.

It is not unusual for an insurance company to require you to hire an approved contractor before they will issue a check for a home repair that is covered under your policy. They may even pay the contractor directly as the work is completed. If it is later discovered that the roofing work was not done correctly, and the roof starts to leak, you should not have to pay to fix the problem. In such a case, your insurance company will pay to have the job done right and then have the option of seeking restitution from the original contractor.