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Do I need commercial insurance if I have a small business?

The entrepreneurial spirit of the residents of Plano, TX, is exemplary, which is why numerous small businesses exist here. However, many small business owners haven’t purchased commercial insurance for their enterprises because they assume it’s only necessary for large-scale firms. It’s vital that you get commercial insurance if you have a small business. Here are some of the commercial coverages that Paragon Independent Insurance Agency recommends you get in the commercial insurance for your small business.

 General Liability Coverage

General liability coverage should be a priority coverage in your commercial insurance. This coverage will protect your small enterprise from claims arising from property damage or bodily injury to a third party on your business premises. For instance, if a client visits your business premises, falls, suffers a back injury, and breaks their laptop. General liability coverage will replace the customer’s laptop and pay their medical bills for their bank injury treatment.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This coverage protects cars used by your enterprise for work purposes, such as your delivery vans. It can include property damage liability, property damage liability, medical payments, and uninsured motorist coverages. Some commercial vehicle policies allow non-owned auto coverage, which protects your enterprise if your employees often use their personal cars for work-related errands. You need the non-owned auto coverage because your employees’ auto policy won’t cover liability emerging from utilizing their vehicle for business operations.

Home-Based Business Insurance

If you are among the Plano, TX, entrepreneurs who run their businesses from home, you need home-based business insurance. This is because your homeowners’ insurance won’t cover the liability that arises from your home-based business operations. You will violate the terms of your homeowners’ insurance if you decide to run a commercial enterprise from your home without informing your insurer.

Welcome to Paragon Independent Insurance Agency; we offer the best small business commercial insurance in Plano, TX.

What Are The Different Types Of Auto Insurance Fraud?

Auto insurance fraud can be committed by or against the policyholder. Committing auto insurance fraud can result in your claim being rejected, your policy being canceled, and even your prosecution. Here are the different types of auto insurance fraud you should be aware of as a Plano, TX resident.

1. Falsely reporting a stolen vehicle

This fraud involves the policyholder falsely reporting a claim of a stolen vehicle under comprehensive coverage to get a payout. A policyholder who sells, intentionally abandons, or destroys their car to make a false stolen vehicle claim will likely face severe penalties such as jail time.

2. Staged Accident

Staged accident fraud is a reasonably common auto insurance fraud, with drivers continuously devising ways to stage accidents and make payout claims. The fraud may involve the driver in front of you abruptly slamming their brake so that you unavoidably rear-end them. Other drivers go to the extent of planting witnesses who will provide false information testifying that you were at fault.

3. Over-Valuing

This fraud is where the policyholder overstates the value of their car, equipment, or property to get higher compensation from the auto insurer. At Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, we recommend you do a vehicle valuation before purchasing auto insurance to reduce the chances of committing this fraud.

4. Misrepresentation/Ommission

This auto insurance fraud involves the policyholder stating that they reside in areas with cheaper rates or not including all the drivers under the policy. Additionally, the policyholder can opt not to provide all the pertinent information on their auto insurance policies to make the rates cheaper.

Purchasing auto insurance from a highly respected insurer is the first step to protecting yourself from falling victim to auto insurance fraud. Paragon Independent Insurance Agency boasts veteran insurance experts who provide Plano, TX residents unbeatable auto insurance assistance. Contact us today.



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