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Hail Storm Damage and Car Coverage

Hail damage in some parts of the country can be as regular as the risk of tornadoes. And anything that happens to be outside is going to be marked with the passing of hail, especially if the storm produced sizable ice chunks in the process. Numerous folks can remember big storms, when entire farm fields were knocked down, holes in roofs, and smashed out vehicle windows.

Plano, TX is no exception to hard storms and hail. Like a good part of Texas, the area sees its share of weather and big storms. Car policies in the region can cover the issue if the right policy is chosen ahead of time when a car owner secures coverage. And that’s where some folks find themselves in a surprise after the storm has passed, realizing they took out the wrong policy for the damage that has occurred with ice falling. Car damage isn’t cheap, and a good size hail ball can do some serious dents or window damage with the right angle and hit on a car parked outside.

For those in the Plano, TX region, Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can help quite a bit. Their agents are trained and versed in all the different types of auto coverage policies available for the area. More importantly, they can parse and clear up the confusion between specific terms, what coverage actually means, and what would happen specifically during a hail storm with a given coverage plan. There’s no reason for people to play a guessing game with mother nature. Giving Paragon a call can mean peace of mind and elimination of wondering "what if" before the next winter season and round of storms blow in.


How do Homeowners Associations Impact Home Insurance?

Residents in Plano, TX often live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association. These associations often provide important functions, such as managing maintenance costs of pools and golf courses in addition to keeping the neighborhood streets and greenery areas in pristine condition. On the other hand, these associations can also be headaches when it comes to maintaining a house or keeping up with dues. How does the presence of a homeowners association impact potential home insurance rates? These details are important to understand. Paragon Insurance has some of these details below.

The first step to deciding how home insurance is impacted by a homeowners association is to consider the type of insurance the homeowners association provides. When people pay their dues, they frequently also gain some coverage under the homeowners association. Ask the association for the by-laws that give key details as to what is covered by the insurance policy. Therefore, a homeowners association insurance impacts home insurance by covering some portions of the home up front. Find the gaps that need to be covered by the additional home insurance policy and don’t have redundant coverage.

Once the gaps have been protected, it is time to start shopping. Common gaps in homeowners association insurance include personal belongings. These include furniture and electronics that are expensive and should be covered. Identify the gaps in dwelling coverage that need to be covered under that additional home insurance policy. Homeowners associations heavily impact the way that people shop for home insurance.

Overall, homeowners associations should cover some home insurance in their by-laws and dues up front. This means that residents should ultimately end up paying less for a private home insurance policy. This cost between this additional policy and the homeowners association policy usually end up being comparable to the cost of covering a home entirely without a homeowners association.

For people in Plano, TX thinking of purchasing a home, consider how the presence of a homeowners association will change the home insurance rates. Contact Paragon Insurance with any questions today.



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