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Three Types of Commercial Insurance Your Business May Need

Optimizing Your Business Security – Paragon Independent Insurance Agency in Plano, TX

Running a successful business entails a ton of responsibilities, with one of the key areas being protection. At Paragon Independent Insurance Agency in Plano, TX, we understand the dynamics of commercial insurance. The scope of insurance your business requires hinges on several factors, such as its nature, size, location, and the products or services it offers. The right commercial insurance can significantly contribute to your business’s continuity, even following unforeseen circumstances. Without it, you risk closing up shop prematurely.

Product Liability Coverage for Businesses

Product Liability Coverage is a crucial component of commercial insurance, especially for businesses involving physical product sales. While your product might seem harmless, there’s always a chance that it could potentially cause injury. It’s essential insurance to have, as it covers your liability towards the injured party. Don’t underestimate its importance – even if there’s a minute chance of injuries with your product, it’s still better to be on the safe side.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is a non-negotiable when your business employs individuals. Sole proprietorship businesses might bypass this. However, businesses with employees should consider it vital. It shields your establishment in case an employee sustains injuries while working. Remember, hazards aren’t solely linked to dangerous working conditions; incidents like falls can occur at any workplace at any time. Opt for this coverage for peace of mind.

Cyber Insurance: Securing Information

Do computers power your business? Cyber insurance might be the only thing you need. This coverage is a lifesaver in the event of a data breach, which could cost a fortune to rectify. By opting for Cyber Insurance, you can easily sail through such problems.

Your Commercial Insurance – A Phone Call Away

Your business requires impeccable security, and the correct type of commercial insurance can ensure that. Connect with us at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency in Plano, TX, and secure your business assets today.

Insurance Coverage for Household Appliances

When acquiring new home appliances, consider incorporating them into your existing home insurance policy. These tips will help ensure adequate coverage for your latest investments. Don’t hesitate to contact our representatives at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency for assistance updating your personal insurance policy.

Consider the Use Value

Consider the use value of each appliance you’ve recently purchased. Insuring items that you use regularly is a wise choice. Insurance provides coverage for the repair or replacement costs if your appliances become damaged or are stolen.

Account for the Monetary Value

Review the cost of each item you’ve recently purchased. The monetary value of each appliance can allow you to determine the amount of insurance coverage you need for each item. This insurance coverage will cater to the cost of electrical materials and other components necessary for repairing your appliances if they get damaged while under your ownership.

Assess the Appliance Location

Evaluate where you have installed each appliance. The location you choose could influence the amount of insurance necessary. For instance, if you have new laundry machines installed in your basement, consider seeking flood protection. Basements, being the lowest level of your home, are more prone to flooding than other areas.

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Any valuable purchase, such as home appliances, should be added to your existing insurance policy. Our dedicated agents serving Plano, TX, can help address any questions or concerns about the appropriate insurance coverage you need, so get in touch today.



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