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Types of Home Insurance Policies in Texas

Home insurance protects your assets from potential challenges, but the policy that you need and the type of plan that is best for your goals can vary. Recognizing your options can make it easier to determine the best plan for your situation.

HO-2 Plans

A HO-2 policy is a basic home insurance plan that protects against common perils. It will pay for damages to your house and the loss of property when a situation arises that is covered in the plan.

The downside of the policy is that it does not cover every possible situation that may arise. It only provides coverage for the situations that are specifically listed. As a result, you may need to purchase additional protection for certain concerns that may arise. Before you assume that the plan is appropriate, determine the perils that are covered.

HO-3 Plans

When you want a more comprehensive plan, a HO-3 policy may be appropriate. The plan is designed to address the majority of your concerns and most situations. Instead of listed situations that are covered, the policy will protect against most problems unless it is specifically excluded from the policy.

Generally, flooding and earthquakes are excluded from the plan, so you should expect that the policy will not pay for those situations. Other storms, fires and break-ins are usually covered under the policy. You can make a claim in most situations, but you may want to purchase additional protection if any exclusions are a concern.

There are a variety of options to protect your house, but the most common choices are designed to protect against common perils and problems. The key is selecting the right plan based on your budget and concerns. To learn more, contact us to talk to an agent today.

Insurance Agents for Small Business in TX

Owning a small business in Texas can mean that you have a variety of concerns and plans associated with your company. The problem is that you may need to purchase insurance for your company to grow and thrive. Depending on the type of business that you own and the industry that you serve, the type of coverage and policies that you need to consider may vary. Insurance agents can help you find the right plans based on your company so that you can focus on growing and improving.

Giving Advice

The first reason to work with insurance agents when you are looking for coverage is the advice. An agent will listen to your explanation of the situation and the goals that you have set. After you have explained the basics of your business, an agent can then provide suggestions for the coverage that may be appropriate for your specific situation.

Comparing Your Options

Agents work to provide the coverage that you need by offering a variety of options. When an agent makes a recommendation, you can feel confident that it is appropriate for your goals and plans.

Comparing several plans without wasting time can be essential for any business owner. You do not have the time to contact several companies, ask for quotes and compare plans personally. Delegating the task to an agent and then comparing the best results that an agent has made available for your business will save time and ensure that you are getting the best value.

There are a variety of concerns associated with running a business. Finding the right insurance to protect your company is essential so that you are not facing financial challenges. To learn more about your options and coverage that is available, contact us to talk to an agent.

Private Car Insurance in Highland Park, TX

Your personal vehicle gets you all over the place in Texas, whether you want to enjoy the lovely beaches or you’d rather go up to the unique life experiences that Austin has to offer. No matter where you want to explore in Texas, you need car insurance to protect yourself and your assets from any financial disasters that may befall you along the way.

The first order of business when looking into car insurance is to pick up liability insurance, as you can’t legally drive in Texas without it. In addition to the liability policy, you also have to protect yourself against people who don’t bother picking up insurance. Sometimes drivers in other states won’t have the same liability minimums that Texas does, and be underinsured when they’re driving through the state. This requires your insurance company to cover the difference when you have protection against these drivers.

Of course, you don’t have to leave things to chance and someone else’s insurance company if you don’t want to. You have the option of adding collision insurance on your vehicle so you deal with the claim directly through your existing insurance company. Comprehensive coverage gets you protection against things being stolen from your car, your car being damaged on your property, and other things that don’t involve an accident with another car.

It’s important to pick up a variety of insurance that covers your personal needs, as you don’t want to be left without in your time of need. Talk to independent insurance agents in Highland Park, TX to get a free online quote and find out how much you need to pay monthly to ensure your peace of mind.

Online Insurance Quotes from Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies, TX

When you are looking for insurance for your assets in Dallas, TX, it can help to look at a variety of insurance quotes. Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies offers online tools that can help you compare your options and quickly find the policy that is best for your situation.

Online Quotes

The online insurance quotes that are available for your assets focus on cars and homes. You can use online tools to quickly look at several options for your house or car so that you are able to finalize a plan without wasting your time.

Quotes that are provided through the online service are based on the information that you provide, so you should provide as much detail as possible to get the most accurate estimates. Keep in mind that quotes are an estimate and may not include all of the discounts and details that may be available in some situations.

Talking to an Agent

Whenever you are not sure about a particular policy or you want to learn more about your options, it can help to contact an agent. The key benefit of working with an agency that offers online quotes is the ability to contact a professional over the phone to learn more information.

An agent will answer any questions that arise and provide details about the policy so that you can make a decision. You can also work with an agent to find additional coverage options for any other assets or concerns that you want to address.

Online tools make it easy to compare your options and find the policy that is best for your needs. By looking at several quotes, you can find the best rates for your coverage. To learn more, contact us to talk to an agent today.



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