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Do I Need Extra Coverage for My Home in Texas?

All homeowners are required to have some type of policy to insure their belongings and property, but that doesn’t mean that you should get the bare bones coverage just to save a few dollars. Here are the basic kinds of policies so you know more about what you’re responsible for should you need to use it.

The Basics

HO-A is a standard policy in Texas that will only give you limited cash for your property. You may not be covered for a variety of natural disasters or damages. You can also consider HO-A Amended options, but these unfortunately are not standardized. You would need to call each insurance company to see exactly how much more protection you’re getting based on their rules and regulations. 

A Better Plan

An HO-B will provide better coverage, and typically accounts for the most common types of damages. For the most part, people consider this policy to be the most reasonably priced for what you get. Just like the HO-A, this is a standard policy from agency to agency. Or you can choose another standard policy with the HO-C which is the most expensive type but also covers the most events. 

Making the Decision

Only you can decide if you need more, but Paragon Independent Insurance Agency serves Lewisville, TX and is here to give you the facts if you want to learn about the other types of plans out there. Many homeowners will curse their coverage if something does happen to them since the out-of-pocket costs can be considerable. If you have an HO-A plan, it is highly recommended you strongly consider moving up at least one level. Give Paragon Independent Insurance Agency a call today to find out more about the additional cost and the benefits you’ll receive. 

Ways to Protect Yourself from Fender Bender Fraud in Plano, Texas

If you live in Plano, Texas then you most likely do a lot of driving between Dallas and Fort Worth. So the chances of you getting into a fender bender at some point are probably pretty good. While most of these are easily dealt with by the exchange of information and then each driver’s insurance company, like Paragon Independent Insurance Agency who serves the greater Plano area, some end up mired in legal battles and lawsuits, where one driver claims to have been injured and has lost a lot of money in money they would have otherwise made at work. This usually ends up being what is better known as fender bender fraud and there are a number of ways to avoid this right when the accident occurs, as listed below.


If there are people who witnessed the accident, be sure to talk to them about what they saw and get your own statement from them as an independent third party. Also be sure to get their contact information so you can contact them later. This will be very helpful if you ever go to court.


The more of these you can have the better, as it will transport those in the courtroom to the actual scene of the accident and show them what really happened. This way it won’t solely be based upon your word against the other driver’s, but real photographic or video evidence from the time it actually occurred. There is no denying that in a court room.


The sooner you contact your insurance company and tell them what happened, the better, so that they can prepare for any funny business that could be coming their way from the other party in the collision.



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