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How much boat insurance coverage is required in Highland Park, TX

Protecting your boat in Highland Park, TX can be an important part of avoiding unnecessary problems, but it is not necessarily required by the state. Although Texas does have some laws related to boating, it does not have any minimum standards for boat insurance coverage. You can purchase a plan based on your goals and concerns rather than focusing on the state standards.


Generally, it is best to purchase a liability policy, even if you do not feel the need to protect your personal assets from storms or unexpected situations. The reason is related to accidents and high-cost bills.

If you damage the property of another individual or cause injuries, then you want to have the protection to pay for those damages without spending a small fortune out of your pocket. Accidents can happen at any time, so some liability protection can be useful.

Protecting Your Boat

Additional protection against theft, damages to your boat or other problems that may arise like an oil spill can be useful. Protecting your boat from problems and challenges offers a solution when another party damages your boat, you are injured or even when a storm has damaged your boat.

Protecting your boat can mean that you have the means to repair the boat after facing an unexpected challenge. The situations that are covered may vary, so you should always read the details before you finalize a policy.

There are times when you will not need much insurance to protect your boat, but you should always be cautious when you are discontinuing a plan. Although the state does not require coverage, it can be useful if you are worried about specific risks. To learn more about protecting your boat, contact us to talk to an agent.

Low Cost Renters Insurance for Apartments in TX

Renting a property does not mean that you have no financial responsibilities. Although you are not responsible to handle the cost of the structure or building if it is damaged in a fire or disaster, you are still responsible to handle the cost of your personal belongings. Renters insurance can help protect you from financial challenges when you lose personal belongings or face challenges associated with liability risks.

Narrow Down the Choices

The first step of finding an affordable rate is narrowing down the coverage that you need to protect your property and assets. Depending on the plan that you are considering, you will want to evaluate how much coverage is provided and determine if it is appropriate for your goals.

Keep in mind that you can cover your personal belongings, protect against liability risks and even obtain coverage to pay for your temporary living expenses if your rented space is not livable. Additional coverage that may be available can vary.

Compare the Options

Never assume that a particular plan is affordable or reasonable without comparing your options. Look at several plans so that you can ensure that you are getting the best rate. If you are concerned about the options, then talk to an agent. An agent can help you find the best rates based on your situation, goals and needs. You can even set a strict budget so that the agent only provides plans that are affordable and budget-friendly.

There are ways to find affordable rates on coverage for a rented space. The key is focusing on your options and comparing the plans so that you can find the rate that is best for your needs. To learn more about the options that are available, contact us to talk to an agent today.

Commercial Insurance Plans in Irving, TX

If you are the owner of a business in the Irving, TX area, you will need to have insurance coverage that is created specifically for companies like yours. Your commercial coverage will encompass several different things, and it might vary according to the specific needs of your business. Here are the usual inclusions in commercial policies in Texas.

Commercial General Liability Coverage

Commercial general liability covers your company in relation to lawsuits and claims. This will apply to situations in which people file claims after being hurt on your company property. It will also apply to circumstances in which people file claims when they are hurt by something your company releases (for example if you make a certain type of product that is sold to the general public and someone claims damages from said product.

Commercial Property Coverage

Commercial property coverage protects the building or buildings in which you do business. This is similar to the homeowner’s coverage that you will typically have for your home. If the building itself, or anything inside that building, is damaged due to perils specifically outlined in the policy, your commercial property coverage will pay for the repairs or replacements necessary.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Workers Compensation coverage is often included in a commercial insurance policy if you have employees. As long as you have at least one employee working under you, you are an employer who could therefore be held liable for injuries sustained by your employee. Workers Compensation coverage helps protect both you and the employee by paying their eligible medical bills related to the on the job injury.

Don’t get caught without the level of commercial insurance coverage your company needs. Instead, easily compare quotes with one of our Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies representatives to find out what options you have available. We will help you protect your company and your employees to the fullest degree possible!

Motorcycle Rider Policy in University Park, TX

Riding a motorcycle can be exciting and interesting, but it is also important to comply with the state laws regarding insurance protection. The motorcycle insurance that you need to purchase in University Park, TX can help prevent financial challenges when you get into an accident and damage the property of another individual.

State Requirements

The requirements that are set by the state are the minimum standards that you must follow as the individual who is riding a motorcycle. You are required to purchase liability insurance for every motorcycle that you own.

Additional coverage is optional, but generally you should consider coverage that addresses any particular concerns that you may have related to riding a motorcycle. Collision coverage or even a comprehensive plan can be an important part of maintaining your peace of mind when you are riding a motorcycle and have concerns regarding the risk.

Coverage on the Bike

Generally, the coverage on a motorcycle will go with the bike unless the individual riding it is excluded from the policy. This means that if you are borrowing a motorcycle from a friend, then you will be able to use their protection and policy whenever an accident occurs. When a friend or loved one borrows your motorcycle, they can feel confident that coverage will still apply if they get into an accident.

The specific coverage that you purchase will impact your options, so you will want to compare different policies to find the best rates and the best plans.

Keeping your motorcycle and other drivers safe when you are riding can require the right insurance policy. The plan that is best for your goals can vary, so compare several policies before finalizing a plan. To learn more about your options, contact us to talk to an agent today.



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