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Three Reasons Why You Should Do The 100,000-Mile Maintenance Service

Protecting your investment means that you should consider having your vehicle serviced at 100,000 miles. No matter the vehicle type or how well it’s made, it tends to wear out and needs minor repairs. Keep reading to learn why you need to take this service seriously. 

1. Find Issues Before They Start

Some of the most significant issues that can happen in your vehicle could be caught during the 100,000-mile service. All the parts are inspected during this inspection, and you’ll know if something is starting to wear out. Larger parts like alternators, wheel bearings, and even the brake system can be more costly if they break first and need to be repaired later. They can also save you money by preventing you from having to pay for a tow to the shop. 

2. Maintain Steady Engine Performance

The 100,000-mile service is meant to protect your engine and all the other systems that support it. When this service is done, all the fluids are topped off, and you get new spark plugs to keep your electrical circuits running. This is also an excellent time to replace the engine coils, which protect the engine and allow it to power properly. 

3. Car Longevity

With the steady cost of cars going up, it’s important more than ever to get a full lifespan out of your vehicle. Keeping up with the 100,000-mile service will allow your car to continue performing at its best. It’s important that you don’t stop with this maintenance but make sure you carry it on to the 150,000-mile, 200,000-mile, and as many more as you need while you own the car. 

If you own a vehicle in the area surrounding Plano, TX, get a personal quote today from Paragon Independent Insurance Agency. 



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