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I don’t have any major business assets. Why do I need insurance ?

If you have a new business that is still building itself, or if you have an already established business that lacks any major business assets, that still does not mean that you don’t need to have any business insurance. This type of insurance, also commonly referred to as commercial insurance, is something that you are usually required to have by law. Most states in the United States do require businesses to have this type of insurance, but you should make sure to check with your insurance agent about the laws in your area.

Even if you don’t feel that your business has enough assets to insure, you might be forgetting to consider the building where you actually do business. You need to make sure that the building itself is insured because you need to be able to repair damage that may happen. Whether it is environmental damages like lightning striking or it is damage due to thieves breaking in and vandalizing your building, you just can’t afford to take the chance to leave your work space unprotected.

Another important reason to have business insurance is that you should have liability protection. Did you know that every time your employees or your customers sets foot on your property you are technically responsible for what may happen to them? If someone gets injured while they are on your property, they can sue you for all of their injuries and damages. If you don’t have any insurance then you will not be prepared for any of the potential financial consequences.

Don’t let yourself be caught with no business insurance. It is an essential part of being a business owner, no matter how big or small your assets are. Call our offices today to get a free quote and to discuss exactly what commercial insurance can do for you.

During the snow storm my tree fell on my shed and damaged it will my insurance pay for the damage?

A snow storm can cause a variety of damages to your house, and sometimes the damage may cost more than you are ready to pay out of pocket in Plano, TX. Fortunately, many home insurance policies will pay for the cost of repairs when a tree falls on your shed as long as the plan does not have exceptions or clauses to prevent the claim.

Shed Repair Claims

Even though your insurer may allow you to make a claim for the repairs to your shed, it is possible that your home insurance may have a limitation on the amount that you can claim. Every insurer is different, but most have a set percentage of your total policy that they allow you to claim for sheds, a detached garage or any other additional building that is on your property.

In most cases, you can claim five to ten percent of the total coverage for your home. Read your policy to determine that exact amount that your insurer allows you to claim for sheds or similar detached buildings on your property.


Keep in mind that every home insurance policy is different, so there may be exceptions in your plan that prevent you from making a claim to repair your shed. Review the exceptions and clauses to ensure that your home is covered from trees falling on the property or damage from storms. Even if many insurers offer protection against damages from snow storms, some may have clauses or exceptions to prevent claims in certain situations.

It can seem complicated to determine if you have coverage for specific concerns, but your policy will usually have clear details regarding the situations that are covered. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information about making a claim.

Will my property insurance cover my personal belongings when I’m traveling?

Purchasing property insurance in Plano, TX can provide coverage for a variety of situations and concerns. Depending on the plan that you purchased, it may cover your personal belongings while you are traveling, even if those items are with you during your travels and are lost or stolen on your trip.

Policy Details

The only way to determine if your property insurance plan has provisions regarding the loss of belongings while you are traveling is by looking through your policy and evaluating the details of the plan. Every plan differs, so it may or may not be covered.

Keep in mind that clauses and exceptions can have an impact on your coverage. Even if most items are covered, you may discover that a clause prevents a particular item from being replaced due to the risks or the cost of the item.

Stolen Items

Even if you do not take your personal belongings with you, it is possible for items to be stolen when you are away from home. Traveling can result in the loss of property due to theft or damages to the property.

If items are stolen from the property, then your coverage should allow you to replace it according to the policy requirements. When items are stolen during your travels, you may or may not be able to make a claim on your property policy. The details of protecting items you take out of the house may depend on the specific item and the current plan.

In many cases, insurers will pay for personal belongings that are lost or stolen while you are traveling, but the details of making a claim and the items that are eligible may vary. Contact us to learn more about your options and speak to an agent.

Can the parents license be suspended if a non licensed minor who took the car with consent was involved in an auto accident?

Allowing a minor to drive your car when he or she does not yet have a driver’s license is reckless and dangerous. The chances of an accident increase when a driver has limited experience behind the wheel, so it is possible that a parent may be held responsible if a teenager gets into an accident while driving a family car before obtaining his or her license.

Level of Responsibility

The level of responsibility that a parent might face can vary based on the situation, but in general the parents can be held financially responsible for the situation. You may be required to pay for any property damages and injuries that your teenager caused if he or she got into an accident while driving your car.

Suspended License

In most cases, parents will not have their license suspended when they allow a child to drive a car, but they may face fines or additional consequences. In certain situations, it may be deemed appropriate for a parent to lose his or her license due to the severity of the accident or any related problems.

Parent are often held responsible for the actions of their teen child, particularly if permission was given to drive the car. In certain instances, a parent’s license may be suspended. In other cases, the minor may not be allowed to obtain a license for a set number of years and parents face financial responsibility for the accident.

It is never a good idea to allow a teenager behind the wheel of a car unless it is legally appropriate. If a teenager has a permit, then a parent should always be in the passenger seat. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details.



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