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During the snow storm my tree fell on my shed and damaged it will my insurance pay for the damage?

A snow storm can cause a variety of damages to your house, and sometimes the damage may cost more than you are ready to pay out of pocket in Plano, TX. Fortunately, many home insurance policies will pay for the cost of repairs when a tree falls on your shed as long as the plan does not have exceptions or clauses to prevent the claim.

Shed Repair Claims

Even though your insurer may allow you to make a claim for the repairs to your shed, it is possible that your home insurance may have a limitation on the amount that you can claim. Every insurer is different, but most have a set percentage of your total policy that they allow you to claim for sheds, a detached garage or any other additional building that is on your property.

In most cases, you can claim five to ten percent of the total coverage for your home. Read your policy to determine that exact amount that your insurer allows you to claim for sheds or similar detached buildings on your property.


Keep in mind that every home insurance policy is different, so there may be exceptions in your plan that prevent you from making a claim to repair your shed. Review the exceptions and clauses to ensure that your home is covered from trees falling on the property or damage from storms. Even if many insurers offer protection against damages from snow storms, some may have clauses or exceptions to prevent claims in certain situations.

It can seem complicated to determine if you have coverage for specific concerns, but your policy will usually have clear details regarding the situations that are covered. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information about making a claim.



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