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I don’t have any major business assets. Why do I need insurance ?

If you have a new business that is still building itself, or if you have an already established business that lacks any major business assets, that still does not mean that you don’t need to have any business insurance. This type of insurance, also commonly referred to as commercial insurance, is something that you are usually required to have by law. Most states in the United States do require businesses to have this type of insurance, but you should make sure to check with your insurance agent about the laws in your area.

Even if you don’t feel that your business has enough assets to insure, you might be forgetting to consider the building where you actually do business. You need to make sure that the building itself is insured because you need to be able to repair damage that may happen. Whether it is environmental damages like lightning striking or it is damage due to thieves breaking in and vandalizing your building, you just can’t afford to take the chance to leave your work space unprotected.

Another important reason to have business insurance is that you should have liability protection. Did you know that every time your employees or your customers sets foot on your property you are technically responsible for what may happen to them? If someone gets injured while they are on your property, they can sue you for all of their injuries and damages. If you don’t have any insurance then you will not be prepared for any of the potential financial consequences.

Don’t let yourself be caught with no business insurance. It is an essential part of being a business owner, no matter how big or small your assets are. Call our offices today to get a free quote and to discuss exactly what commercial insurance can do for you.



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