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Choosing the Right Commercial Policy for Your Business

When you have a business, you need to make sure it’s adequately protected. A commercial insurance policy is one of the best ways to do that. If you’re in the Plano, TX area and looking for the right coverage, working with a trusted agent at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can help you get a policy that meets your needs. Then, you can have great commercial coverage and plenty of peace of mind. 

What to Consider When Choosing Commercial Insurance

The first thing to consider when exploring business coverage is what kind of company you have. If you’re providing a product on a large scale, you need a different policy from someone offering a service and operating a small business. Just having coverage isn’t enough because you need to be sure you have adequate protection for your specific type of company and the products, equipment, employees, and customers you work with daily.

Then, you also want to ensure you’re finding the best value and options for the policy you need. That’s easier when you work with a qualified agent and insurance company. A dedicated agent can provide several quotes from insurers and talk with you about the differences in coverage levels. From that point, you can choose the right insurance provider for your current commercial needs and then update your policy in the future as your needs change.

Getting in touch with Paragon Independent Insurance Agency is the right choice if you’re in Plano, TX, and need commercial insurance. We can help you protect your products, customers, and company as a whole so you feel confident that you’re prepared for the future and can continue to focus on your business.

Auto Insurance: Comprehensive vs. Collision Coverage Explained

Comprehensive coverage and collision coverage are two primary protections found in many auto insurance policies. Here’s a breakdown of what each does.

Collision Coverage: Protecting Against Accidents

Collision coverage generally covers the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle if you’re involved in a collision. A collision is usually defined as an accident involving at least one other vehicle. 

For example, the collision would likely cover damage to your vehicle if you struck another car while driving on one of Plano, TX’s streets. 

Comprehensive Coverage: Protecting Against Other Damage

Comprehensive coverage generally covers damage to your car from non-collision events. These could be theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and hitting animals. 

For instance, comprehensive would likely pay if your vehicle was damaged while parked on one of Plano, TX’s streets or if you hit an animal out in the country. You’d also probably file a comprehensive claim if your vehicle was damaged by hail.

Consider Both Coverages

Neither collision nor comprehensive is automatically included in every auto insurance policy, but each policy usually makes them available. 

At Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, we often recommend that you get both to ensure your car has the broadest protection against damage. Sometimes, it can make sense to skip one or both, though. Our agents will walk you through this decision process.

Set Up Your Auto Insurance

Setting up an auto insurance policy requires deciding which coverages, including these and others, are right for you. At Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, we can help with that. One of our independent agents will walk you through all coverage options and find a policy that provides the coverage you want.



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