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Don’t Fall for These Life Insurance Myths in Plano, TX

There are various life insurance myths that need to be busted. Life insurance can be a very useful resource, particularly in the event that you pass before you are financially prepared. It gives your family a chance to regain momentum and have the money that is needed to do so.

One of the top myths is that you may be too young for life insurance. There is no perfect age to purchase life insurance. The reality is that life insurance may be more affordable for you when you are in your 30s or 40s. This is because you are generally in better health when you are younger.

Another myth is that term life insurance is the best option. While term is good in some instances, it is not always the best. You will want to compare it to universal and whole life insurance and see if one of the other options is better, particularly because of the associated cash value.

Another myth is that it is always cheapest to purchase life insurance online. While there many resources available online, it can be effective to work with an independent insurance agent in order to learn about all of the different options and receive quotes for comparison purposes.

You can also be in poor health and still get a policy. You don’t have to rely solely on an employer-provided policy. It’s possible to have more than one policy for yourself in order to provide protection.

At Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, we look forward to helping you find insurance you can count on. Call and speak to an agent today to discuss life insurance possibilities in Plano, Texas. This will allow us to work with you on an individual level to break through the myths and determine what coverage is best for you.



Shop Around for Insurance After Your Wedding and You Might Save

After getting married, there are lots of things to do. One item that should be on your to-do list if you’ve recently tied the knot is shopping around for new insurance policies. Once you’re married, you may be able to find insurance discounts that you previously didn’t qualify for.

You May Qualify for Multi-Policy Discounts

After getting married, you may qualify for several different discounts. One of the main ones to look at is multi-policy discounts.

Many insurers offer to reduce their premiums to customers who have more than one policy with them. Once you’re wed, you and your spouse share an account. You’ll likely have multiple policies with the same insurer — even if you each have only one insurance policy with them.

The amount you might save with a multi-policy discount could be a few dollars, or it might be a lot of money. It’ll depend on your insurance premiums and how large a discount an insurer offers. Most multi-policy discounts are percentage based, so the higher your premiums are and the larger the percent off is, the more you’ll save.

Insurance Agents Quickly Compare Discounts

Shopping around for the best multi-policy discount available in Plano, TX doesn’t have to take long. At Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, our agents can quickly compare several different insurers policies to which company’s multi-policy discount is the best. As our name says, we’re an independent insurance agency, therefore our agents can look at any insurance policy offered in Texas.

To reach one of our independent insurance agents, simply contact us through our website or call our office. One of our agents will quickly get back to you and help you find an insurer that has a large multi-policy discount you can take advantage of.




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