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Certified Commercial Insurance Agents in Dallas, TX

You started up a work at home business and everything is going well. You want to expand in such a way that sets you up for long term success. One of the necessary parts of growing a successful business is protecting your finances with insurance.

Commercial insurance helps you in many liability issues surrounding your business. You are at risk of customers and clients suing you based on several factors. If someone gets hurt when they go to a meeting with you, if it involves a business meeting then it’s likely it’s covered under a commercial claim and not a personal insurance claim.

You have many points of liability when it comes to your products. One of the most important types of coverage you can get is product liability insurance. Lawsuits for injury and wrongful death relating to products can range in the millions. Even if you’re an incredibly successful work at home business, you probably don’t have that much money laying around.

What if you provide services instead of products? You still have some risk of a lawsuit, although it’s harder for the client to show that there was damage caused by your services. If you want to protect yourself from that type of lawsuit, errors and omissions insurance is key.

Commercial insurance comes in many forms, so you can pick and choose the policies that best fit the business situation. One of the must-haves is commercial property insurance, as homeowners insurance generally doesn’t cover business equipment or loss.

Talk with our insurance agents in Dallas, TX to find out all of the commercial insurance options that work for your home based business.

Can Insurance be Transferred to a New Vehicle in Garland, TX?

Auto insurance cannot be automatically transferred from one vehicle to another, because the value of the vehicle being insured directly affects the premiums you must pay. Even if insurance could be transferred automatically, it is often a good idea to shop around for new policy when purchasing a new car, as insurers will calculate the cost of insuring your new vehicle differently. For help finding insurance for your new car, contact one of our insurance agents in Garland, TX.

New Car Insurance Rates

Your premiums will likely increase when purchasing a new car, because the value of the asset that is being insured has increased. Should there be a claim, your insurance company will have to pay more money to repair or replace your new car than they would have had to for your former vehicle.

While the total cost of your insurance will probably go up, shopping for a new policy through one of our independent agents can help keep any increase minimal. As independent agents, our agents are able to look up quotes from all the major insurers that offer auto policies in Texas. They are able to find you the lowest rates possible, no matter what company is offering them. Our agents will also make sure you take advantage of any possible discounts that are available, such as multiple-policy, accident-free and security device discounts.

Finding New Insurance is Easy with Our Agents

Because our agents live and work in Garland, they are familiar with the businesses in the area – especially the car dealerships. Chances are they know the people who sold you your new car. This personal connection makes finding an auto policy for your new vehicle simple, because any questions can be answered with a simple call to a colleague at the dealership. Make your auto insurance shopping experience easy by contacting one of our agents today.



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