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Signs That Hail Has Damaged Your Home’s Roof or Siding

Your home insurance policy will likely cover damage to your home’s roof or siding caused by hail. Unfortunately, one of the things that we at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, serving the greater Plano, TX area, have seen is that many homeowners often do not know what the signs are that hail has damaged the siding or roof of their home. As such, they do not file a claim and do not get their house repaired. Here are a few of the key signs that hail may have damaged your home’s roof or siding. 

There Are Dents In Your Siding or Roof

If hail has damaged your roof or siding, it will likely leave dents behind. If you notice indentation marks on your roof or siding after a hail storm, you should have a professional inspect your roof and siding to see how extensive the damage is and whether repairs are needed. 

You See Cracks or Chips in Your Siding or Roofing Materials

Another sign that hail may have damaged your roofing or siding materials is that cracks or chips are present. If you see chips or cracks, you know that hail has damaged these materials. 

You Experience Water Leaks After a Hail Storm

Finally, if water leaks into your home after a hail storm, your siding or roofing has been damaged. Repairs are needed to fix the roofing or siding damage. 

Hail damage is not something that you can prevent or protect against. However, having the best home insurance policy for your needs helps to ensure you are covered if a hail storm does damage your home. If you are in the greater Plano, TX area, the team at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that best fits your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more or to request a quote. 

Why do Plano business owners invest in commercial insurance?

Plano, TX has continued to be a growing community outside of Dallas. It is a great place to start your own company. When you are trying to start a business, it would also be a good idea also to get insurance for it. There are various reasons why a business owner will want to invest in this type of insurance. 

Cover their Business

An important reason that any business owner in Plano will want to get commercial insurance is so they can protect their business. Any business owner in this part of Texas will have risks that could result in losses, such as losing an asset due to a fire or theft or being named liable in an accident. A commercial insurance policy offers support in these and other difficult situations. 

Meet any Insurance Requirements

It is also a good idea to get a commercial insurance plan to ensure you can meet other insurance requirements. If you start a company and want it to grow, you will eventually need to raise outside capital and enter into other agreements. Generally, the other parties involved in these contracts wish to know that your company is protected. A great way they can do this is by requiring a commercial insurance policy. 

Plano, TX can be a great area to own a business. However, some risks need to be protected against with a commercial insurance plan. Once you are ready to start looking for coverage, it can be a good idea to call the Paragon Independent Insurance Agency team. The Paragon Independent Insurance Agency professionals know the importance of commercial coverage and will offer any support necessary to build an ideal policy to protect your company. 



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