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My Home in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas is Insured for More Than its Current Market Value. Would I get the Full Amount After a Loss?

When you purchase a homeowners insurance policy in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, the current value of your house at the time you buy coverage is the amount that you purchase. The problem is that the current market value of a home may not be the same as the price you paid to purchase the house, which may mean that you have more coverage that the market value.

Protection from Losses

Even if the house is covered for more than the current value, you are protected against a loss if your house faces a fire or similar incident. The insurer will evaluate the total loss based on the amount of damage, police reports and any other proof that you provide regarding personal belongings that were in the house at the time the damage took place.

Amount Provided

In most cases, you will not receive the full amount on your insurance policy when you make a claim unless the assessment suggests that the value of the house is greater than you estimated.

Insurers will usually evaluate the amount of damage and pay for the repairs based on the value of the house, which means that you have too much insurance if the current plan exceeds the value of your home.

In general, it is best to evaluate your coverage on a regular basis and update your plan to reflect the market value of your home, whether the value of the house increases or decreases over time. The reason is simple: when you change your policy, you will not end up with more coverage than you need. To learn more about your policy options, contact us to speak to an independent agent.

Is it legal for my home insurance company to drop my coverage or increase my rates after I filed a homeowners claim in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas?

It is usually rare for a home insurance company to increase your rates or even drop coverage for your Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas home after filing a claim. This is especially true for claims out as a result of events termed as an “act of God” such as a hail storm or a tornado. In fact, the only reason you may see your rates increase is if filing your claim invalidates a discount you received for maintaining a clean claims history.

Nevertheless, there are a few scenarios where your insurer may see fit to raise rates or drop your homeowners coverage. Multiple claims in a short period of time may cause your insurer to see you as a greater risk, leading to higher rates. Some companies may even drop your policy altogether. Claims involving dog bites may also cause your insurer to refuse to renew your policy. A 2011 study conducted by the Insurance Information Institute found that dog bites made up over one-third of home insurance liability claims. In 2009, insurers paid over $412 million in liability claims due to dog bites.

In short, it is legal for your home insurance provider to raise rates or even drop coverage after you filed a homeowners claim. As mentioned before, it’s not likely that this scenario will happen unless you’ve met the following conditions outlined in the scenarios above.

If you’re in the Amarillo or Waco area, give us a call to speak to an independent agent to find out more about where you stand in regards to homeowners claims. We can also help you decrease your current rates and answer any questions you might have about your policy.

Disclaimer: The content of these blogs do not represent any type of specific coverage’s offered by the agency

Does my Occupation Affect Auto Insurance Rates in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas?

When you are trying to lower your auto insurance rates in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, you may worry about what affects your premium and what does not. Although your occupation may have a minor impact on your premium, it is not usually a direct correlation.

Credit Rating

The primary way that your occupation may impact your car insurance policy is through your credit rating. When you earn more money, you may have a better credit score because it is easier to keep up with your bills and you have a lower risk of defaulting on your loans. You may also have a greater amount of available credit, which results in a better credit rating.

Although your credit score is not the only factor that impacts your auto insurance rates, it does play a role in the premium that you are offered.

Driving History

The primary factor that impacts your insurance premium is not related to your occupation, it is related to your history of accidents and reckless driving behavior. If you have several tickets for speeding, then you may discover that you have a higher insurance premium when compared to a driver who has never received a speeding ticket.

Your driving history will have a greater impact on your insurance rates than your occupation because it is directly related to your vehicle and your risk of getting into an accident.

Your occupation may not have a great impact on your insurance rates because the primary concern for an insurer is whether you have a high risk of getting into an accident. While it may have a minor impact due to your credit rating, it is unlikely that you will see a change in your premium if you change jobs. Contact us to talk to an independent agent for more information today.

Will my Home Insurance Pay for Removal of a Tree in my Patio Fallen Due to Heavy Winds in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas?

When a tree falls on a patio in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas due to heavy winds, you may worry about the expense of paying for the damage to your home. Although homeowners insurance may protect you against tree fall, the details of your policy may vary.

Possible Differences in Policies

While a homeowners insurance policy will often provide some protection to your patio or yard, the situation ultimately determines if the company will pay for the damages or if you are required to manage the expense personally.

Your policy may or may not cover tree fall, depending on the extent of coverage that you selected when you purchased the policy. In some cases, you may not be covered due to an exception related to the weather or due to the situation. Some policies may exclude tree fall from the coverage.

Amount of Protection

If your policy covers the situation, then you may discover that the amount of funds available to repair your patio is limited. In most cases, you will only have a set percentage of the policy that you can use to repair the front or back yard areas.

The percentage can vary between different policies, so it is important to read through the documentation to determine the exact amount that you have available to repair damages to your yard, porch or patio.

Although you may be covered under your current plan, the funds that you can expect and the situation will ultimately determine how much you are required to pay after your deductible and the insurer pay for most of the damages. To learn more about protecting your home, contact us to talk to an independent agent.



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