How much boat insurance coverage is required in Highland Park, TX

Protecting your boat in Highland Park, TX can be an important part of avoiding unnecessary problems, but it is not necessarily required by the state. Although Texas does have some laws related to boating, it does not have any minimum standards for boat insurance coverage. You can purchase a plan based on your goals and concerns rather than focusing on the state standards.


Generally, it is best to purchase a liability policy, even if you do not feel the need to protect your personal assets from storms or unexpected situations. The reason is related to accidents and high-cost bills.

If you damage the property of another individual or cause injuries, then you want to have the protection to pay for those damages without spending a small fortune out of your pocket. Accidents can happen at any time, so some liability protection can be useful.

Protecting Your Boat

Additional protection against theft, damages to your boat or other problems that may arise like an oil spill can be useful. Protecting your boat from problems and challenges offers a solution when another party damages your boat, you are injured or even when a storm has damaged your boat.

Protecting your boat can mean that you have the means to repair the boat after facing an unexpected challenge. The situations that are covered may vary, so you should always read the details before you finalize a policy.

There are times when you will not need much insurance to protect your boat, but you should always be cautious when you are discontinuing a plan. Although the state does not require coverage, it can be useful if you are worried about specific risks. To learn more about protecting your boat, contact us to talk to an agent.