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Does a Standard Home Insurance Policy Cover High Winds in Plano, TX?

Severe weather can cause significant damage to homes and other property. Regarding windstorms in Plano, there is no guarantee that your standard home insurance policy will cover the cost of repairs. Depending on your policy’s language and the storm’s severity, you may need additional coverage to protect your home from high winds. Let’s look at what you should know about windstorm coverage in Plano and why it’s essential to understand what is covered—and what isn’t. 

What Exactly Is Windstorm Insurance? 

Windstorm insurance provides additional protection for homeowners who live in areas prone to high winds, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. This insurance covers damage caused by wind, hail, lightning strikes, or debris from these events. It typically covers damage to roofs, windows, doors, fences, patios, and garages—all of which can be costly to repair or replace after a severe storm hits. Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can review your home insurance policy and help you determine if windstorm coverage is right for you. 

Does a Standard Home Insurance Policy Cover High Winds in Plano, TX? 

The answer is not always clear-cut. Instead, it depends on the language of your policy and the severity of the storm that caused the damage. Generally, windstorm insurance policies are separate from regular homeowners’ insurance policies. So, even if you have homeowner’s insurance covering some storm damage (like water intrusion due to rain), it will likely not cover all types of storms, such as those involving high winds or hail, and as such, purchasing an additional windstorm policy can provide extra protection for your home against severe storms in Plano, TX. 

If you have questions about whether your standard home insurance policy covers high winds in Plano, TX, or whether additional coverage is necessary for your specific situation, contact Paragon Independent Insurance Agency today for more information.



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