Are my shed and other yard property covered on my homeowners policy?

If you own a home in Plano, TX, you may already have a homeowners insurance policy through the Paragon Independent Insurance Agency. If you do, you may have some questions about what specifically is covered under your policy. 

Of course, your physical home and personal items are covered, including furniture, clothing, appliances and many other possessions. Your attached garage will likewise be covered, as will other property inside it, up to certain limits. But what about the property which is not physically enclosed by your house? 

Sheds or other structures on your property will almost certainly be covered by your homeowner’s policy. You can add an outdoor storage space to keep sports or lawn care equipment, and it will be protected against losses the same as the property inside your home. Fencing is another kind of property homeowners insurance will cover. 

However, it is important to let your real estate agent know the details of these structures, including how much they are worth. Just as you need to make an inventory of your other items in your home like your television and other valuables, you will need to make sure your agent knows about these.

You will also want to make sure that this other property is insured up to its full value, as there are limits on any policy. The amount you can recover for other structures may be limited, but the best way to find out for sure is to read your policy and talk to your agent. 

If you have any questions or would like to purchase a policy to protect your home in Plano, TX, feel free to contact the Paragon Independent Insurance Agency today.