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Does home Insurance cover Basic home Repairs?

For the most part, home insurance is a major benefit that helps homeowner’s determine how much your policy covers and how much is left to chance. For those that have a policy and are wondering if it covers basic home repairs, keep reading. For those in the Plano, TX area, the agents with Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can help you to determine just what your policy covers.

The majority of policies are only going to cover damage that is not routine. This means that they are not going to cover age related issues, not going to cover things like damage that is related to normal wear and tear and more. For the most part, home insurance policies are simply in place to prevent the deterioration of the home as the result of any major damage that is out of the ordinary. This means things like damage from storms, fire, water damage from burst pipes, damage from pets, and even injury to people that are in your home.

The idea behind this is that you should be maintaining your home on a day to day basis as a homeowner and should not need a policy to cover the repair of daily issues. As something in your home ages, you should replace it before it becomes a huge issue so that the home will maintain its value and so that you can keep the home in good shape. Most policies are only going to cover things that are out of the control of the homeowner. This means things that you cannot prevent with routine and regular maintenance that you would provide your home simply because you own it and live in it.

For those in the Plano, TX area, the agents with Independent Insurance Agency can help.  



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