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Will Home Insurance Policy Cover Exotic Pets in Dallas, TX

Homeowners insurance generally covers common pets, such as dogs and cats (although some policies exclude certain breeds of dogs). Many home insurance policies will not cover damage caused by an exotic pet, though. If you have an unusual friend, you are probably in one of the following scenarios.

Domesticated, But Different

You may have a domesticated animal, but one that is not a common household pet. Horses, pigs, peacocks and llamas are all examples of animals in this category. Depending on the specific animal you have and your insurance policy, these animals may or may not be covered. If they are not covered, you are probably able to purchase a rider for them.

Truly Exotic Creatures

Perhaps you have a more exotic non-human friend, such as a big game cat or chimpanzee. These animals are often not covered by Texas homeowners insurance policies, because they are not fully domesticated. Your insurer may offer a rider for them, or you might have to purchase a spate policy for your exotic animal.

Exotic – And Illegal

Some people, sadly, keep animals at home that are illegal. In Dallas, residents are prohibited from keeping roosters, poisonous snakes, rheas, ostriches, bears, wolves, large cats, primates, deer, antelope, camels and bison within city limits. If you have one of these animals at home, your policy will almost certainly not provide coverage–because you are breaking the law.

Find Coverage for Your Friend

To find coverage for your exotic friend, wither furry, feathery or slithery, get in touch with one of our agents over the phone. Because coverage for these animals is so specific, finding a suitable policy requires a conversation with a licensed agent.



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