I am Moving from Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas to Another State. Can I Continue my Policy with my Insurance Company?

When you are moving from Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas and you plan to move to another state, your auto insurance requirements may change. Although it is best to maintain your current car insurance plan until you move, it may be necessary to make changes to your policy or to change your insurance provider after your move.

Different State Laws

A key reason that you may not be able to continue your current policy is the variation between laws in different states. Every state has a different minimum insurance requirement, so the amount of coverage you have in Texas may not be appropriate when you move to a different state.

Company Limitations

Although the state laws may impact your coverage requirements, it is not the only factor that may prevent you from maintaining your current plan. Some insurers do not provide coverage in different states. If your current policy is through a smaller insurance company, then the company may not have coverage options for the new state where you move.

Due to the variation in state laws, some insurers will only provide coverage to specific locations or states. If your insurer is a national company, then it may be possible to maintain your coverage and ask the company to adjust it to meet any differences between state laws so that you do not need to change your plan.

Moving to a new state means that you need to make adjustments to your current auto policy. Fortunately, it is possible to make adjustments so that you meet or exceed the new state laws by contacting an insurer and asking for a new quote. If you want to learn more about your auto coverage options, then contact us today to talk to an independent agent.