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Make Sure You Are Driving Legal – Get Auto Insurance

Are you thinking, “I’m a careful driver. Why would I need car insurance?” First, it is illegal to drive without it in 48 out of 50 states. State law mandates the minimum coverage amounts drivers need to carry.

Car insurance provides financial protection and consists of multiple coverages, with liability being the most important. If you are held liable in a car accident, the costs associated with it may be yours. This includes legal fees, the injured party’s medical expenses, or their lost wages if they cannot work due to their injuries. Liability insurance helps to pay for these expenses. Without this coverage, you would pay these costs out of pocket and be responsible for what follows.

The aftermath of a car accident can be time-consuming and tedious. With the proper coverage, you are spared from negotiating with other drivers involved in the accident and managing the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

A good insurance agent can help you deal with the results of an auto accident. The right policy will cover replacement or repairs, as well as towing. After a claim is filed, the insurance company will manage and support you throughout the process.

Make sure you are driving legally. It is unwise to drive without car insurance. The financial fallout can be devastating and is not worth the risk. Plus, you could be charged a hefty fine and lose your license.\

Are you a licensed driver in Plano, TX? Do you have your vehicle insured? Contact Paragon Independent Insurance Agency for a quote.

Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can answer any questions you may have. 

How to determine how much home insurance to get

When you buy a home, it is wise to get homeowner’s insurance to cover costs in case of accidents or damage from natural disasters. You may wonder, with all of the different options, how you find out what is suitable for you and your home.

Structure of the home

The first thing you should think about is how much it would cost to rebuild the structure of your home. Several things can impact how much it would cost to rebuild a home.

  • Construction costs in your local area
  • The square footage of the structure
  • Types of exterior construction materials
  • Size of the house
  • Number of bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Types of roof materials
  • Other structures, such as sheds, fences, garages, etc.
  • Types of special structures like arches, fireplaces, special trim, etc
  • Whether it was custom-built or not
  • Added renovations that would affect the value of the home

Personal possessions

Most standard home insurance policies cover about 50 to 70 percent of the value of the structure for personal possessions. To determine if you have enough coverage for your valuable items, it is wise to do a walkthrough of your belongings. Next, it is a brilliant idea to add up the cash value or cost to replace your expensive and valuable items.

Additional living expenses

If a natural disaster occurs and makes your home unlivable for some time, your insurance could help pay for additional living costs. This could include a hotel room or another place to live while your house gets fixed up and becomes livable again. Many insurance companies vary in their limits for additional living expenses, so it is wise to shop around and see what your insurance company offers.


Some policies provide up to several thousand dollars in liability coverage. Liability coverage covers medical costs and damage to someone’s personal belongings if something happens on your property.

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There are many steps to deciding how much coverage you need for your home. Contact us at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency in Plano, TX for more information.

Signs That Hail Has Damaged Your Home’s Roof or Siding

Your home insurance policy will likely cover damage to your home’s roof or siding caused by hail. Unfortunately, one of the things that we at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, serving the greater Plano, TX area, have seen is that many homeowners often do not know what the signs are that hail has damaged the siding or roof of their home. As such, they do not file a claim and do not get their house repaired. Here are a few of the key signs that hail may have damaged your home’s roof or siding. 

There Are Dents In Your Siding or Roof

If hail has damaged your roof or siding, it will likely leave dents behind. If you notice indentation marks on your roof or siding after a hail storm, you should have a professional inspect your roof and siding to see how extensive the damage is and whether repairs are needed. 

You See Cracks or Chips in Your Siding or Roofing Materials

Another sign that hail may have damaged your roofing or siding materials is that cracks or chips are present. If you see chips or cracks, you know that hail has damaged these materials. 

You Experience Water Leaks After a Hail Storm

Finally, if water leaks into your home after a hail storm, your siding or roofing has been damaged. Repairs are needed to fix the roofing or siding damage. 

Hail damage is not something that you can prevent or protect against. However, having the best home insurance policy for your needs helps to ensure you are covered if a hail storm does damage your home. If you are in the greater Plano, TX area, the team at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that best fits your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more or to request a quote. 

Why do Plano business owners invest in commercial insurance?

Plano, TX has continued to be a growing community outside of Dallas. It is a great place to start your own company. When you are trying to start a business, it would also be a good idea also to get insurance for it. There are various reasons why a business owner will want to invest in this type of insurance. 

Cover their Business

An important reason that any business owner in Plano will want to get commercial insurance is so they can protect their business. Any business owner in this part of Texas will have risks that could result in losses, such as losing an asset due to a fire or theft or being named liable in an accident. A commercial insurance policy offers support in these and other difficult situations. 

Meet any Insurance Requirements

It is also a good idea to get a commercial insurance plan to ensure you can meet other insurance requirements. If you start a company and want it to grow, you will eventually need to raise outside capital and enter into other agreements. Generally, the other parties involved in these contracts wish to know that your company is protected. A great way they can do this is by requiring a commercial insurance policy. 

Plano, TX can be a great area to own a business. However, some risks need to be protected against with a commercial insurance plan. Once you are ready to start looking for coverage, it can be a good idea to call the Paragon Independent Insurance Agency team. The Paragon Independent Insurance Agency professionals know the importance of commercial coverage and will offer any support necessary to build an ideal policy to protect your company. 

I own a small business with no employees. Would commercial insurance be beneficial?

Regardless of the size of your business, most business owners want to protect their business from risks and other unforeseen circumstances. This is a concern regardless of whether you have two hundred or zero employees. Commercial insurance is designed to protect businesses irrespective of their size. Our Plano, TX team at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency educates Texas business owners on commercial insurance benefits.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is designed to protect and cover businesses and their employees. Commercial insurance provides coverage and protection against risks, liabilities, and other business-related issues. It’s designed to meet the specific needs of any business, regardless of the size and type of business. Our team can create a policy to suit the unique needs of your business.

As a Small Business with no Employees, Would Commercial Insurance be Beneficial?

Small businesses have assets that need protection, just like larger businesses. Investing in commercial insurance would provide coverage for property damage, lawsuits, liability, employee injury, theft, and more. A commercial insurance policy can be created to meet the unique needs of your business. It can provide protection or compensation for business interruption as well. Commercial insurance has many benefits if you’re a small business owner interested in protecting your assets and offsetting business risks. Many businesses seek commercial insurance to protect general liability, property loss, and cyber liability. Small businesses need protection from loss and risks. Investing in business/commercial insurance is a practical way to protect your business. If you have questions about the benefits of commercial insurance, call us. We can help you explore your options and get coverage to meet the unique needs of your business.

Does auto insurance cover rental cars?

Most standard auto insurance policies at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency don’t cover rental cars in Plano, TX. That’s because most standard policies only cover the insured individual’s vehicle damage. And since you don’t own a rental car, your policy likely won’t provide any coverage for it.

There Are Some Exceptions, Though

While most standard auto insurance policies don’t cover damage to rental cars, there are some exceptions.

Get PreApproval

For example, if you have both comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle, that coverage may extend to rental cars in some circumstances. However, this will only be the case if you let your insurer know that you’ll be renting a car in advance and they agree to extend your coverage. Without prior approval from your insurer, any damage to a rental car probably won’t be covered.

Liability Coverage

Another exception has to do with liability coverage. Most standard auto insurance policies include at least some liability coverage, which can help pay for damages if you’re found at fault in an accident. In most cases, this coverage will extend to rental cars as well. However, it’s important to note that liability coverage only pays for damages to other people and property—not for damages to the rental car itself.

Add Temporary Coverage

Some policies allow you to add coverage for rental cars on an as-needed basis. We can check to see if this is an option with your policy.

As you can see, whether or not your auto insurance policy covers rental cars can be a grey area. To avoid surprises down the road, it’s always best to contact Paragon Independent Insurance Agency before renting a car in Plano, TX.

Will liability insurance cover the damage to my car after an accident?

Although car insurance creates a sense of peace for many of us, the type of coverage you carry determines the benefits and coverage options you have access to as a policyholder. Our Plano, TX team at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency is committed to helping drivers understand the differences between liability insurance and other types of auto coverage.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is required by Texas law. This insurance covers injury or damage to other drivers’ cars and personal property. However, this type of coverage won’t cover your car’s damage in an accident. It’s only designed to protect the other driver, their property, and their vehicle. As a result, if your car is damaged in an accident and all you have is liability insurance, your coverage will not pay for your vehicle’s repair. You will be forced to pay for the repair of your car out of pocket. If you’re looking for coverage that meets state guidelines and protects your vehicle, you must purchase more than liability insurance. You will also need to invest in comprehensive and collision if you want protection for your car for damage caused by accidents and non-moving incidents.

Auto insurance has many layers, making it easy for drivers to get the coverage they want and need most. State law only requires drivers to carry liability coverage, but you’ll also need more insurance to cover your car. Call us if you have questions about what is covered under different auto insurance policies. We’d be happy to discuss your coverage options and get the coverage you need most. 

Six Steps to Take Immediately After a Home Disaster.

Part of owning a home is always being prepared for the unprepared. No one wants to experience a home disaster, but it can happen when you least expect it. That’s why it’s important to know what steps to take immediately following a disaster. If you find yourself in the aftermath of one in Plano, TX, follow these six steps from Paragon Independent Insurance Agency.

1. Check for injuries and call for medical help if needed.

Your home is important, but the safety and well-being of your family come first. Assess the situation, and determine if anyone needs help immediately.

2. Survey the damage and list what needs to be repaired or replaced.

It’s good to take some inventory to see what needs fixed or replaced because you’ll have a better idea of your insurance claim.

3. Ask for help

Having a reliable source for help is important because trying to do everything on your own can be overwhelming. In a time of need, contact other family members or your insurance company to get assistance. 

4. Beware of potential hazards

Many potential dangers come with a home disaster, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Be cautious of loose wires, gas leaks, and damaged structural elements.

5. Start the cleaning process

The sooner you can start cleaning up, the better. Not only will this help you get your life back to normal, but it will also help prevent further damage.

6. Call your insurance company

Your insurance company will be a valuable resource during this time, so don’t hesitate to give them a call. They can help you navigate the claims process and get you the right help in Plano, TX.

If you find yourself in the aftermath of a home disaster, following these steps will help you get your life back on track. And if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy insurance company to help you through this difficult time, look no further than Paragon Independent Insurance Agency. We’re here every step of the way.

The Impact Commercial Insurance Has on the Protection of Your Company’s Assets

Commercial insurance plays a vital role in protecting your business and its assets. Think about your business and everything it relies on to function. It would help if you thought about things such as your buildings and structures, equipment, data, computer systems, and more. It can be both tangible and intangible assets that play a role in your company’s success. These assets are all things that commercial insurance can protect for any Plano, TX business. The Paragon Independent Insurance Agency team is in a position to help you understand the value of commercial insurance in more detail.

What Does Commercial Insurance Protect?

There are so many ways in which commercial insurance will protect your company’s assets. These different variables can all appear at any given time, resulting in immense losses.

Some examples of ways commercial insurance protects assets include:

  • Theft and vandalism – In the event you have theft at your company, commercial insurance can help you recoup the losses
  • Physical damage – Physical damage as a result of a covered loss or accident gets coverage
  • Bodily injury – In the event of an employee or customer injury, bodily injury coverage will help make things right.

Other examples of commercial insurance protection include medical payments coverage, collision coverage, and cyber coverage.  

As a consumer in Plano, TX, you need to understand all the ways commercial insurance can have a positive impact. Work with the Paragon Independent Insurance Agency team to better grasp your company’s needs and the protection a commercial insurance binder can provide.

What value will come with a home insurance plan in Texas?

Plano, TX has continued to be an area of the country experiencing a lot of growth. This has made this part of Texas a great place to own a home. If you purchase a property when you are here, it would be a good idea to obtain the proper insurance. A home insurance plan will provide various forms of value, making it a great option. 

Coverage for Your Assets

A basic form of coverage that will always come with a home insurance plan is coverage for your assets. If you invest in a property, you will be making a significant long-term investment that you will want to have paid off. At the same time, you will also have various personal assets that you will want to cover. A home insurance plan will provide the coverage you need to protect your personal assets. 

Mitigate Personal Liability Risks

A property owner will also take on some personal liability risks by owning a home. You could be held liable for accidents that occur on your property. As this is an ongoing and unpredictable risk, having coverage to protect against it is always a good idea. If you get a home insurance policy, it will offer protection against this concern. 

If you choose to purchase a home in the Plano, TX area, it would be a great idea to get the right insurance for it. When you are going to purchase a home, Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can help you build the right insurance policy. Paragon Independent Insurance Agency will give you any guidance you need to understand your options when protecting your home. 

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