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Top TIps for Improving Gas Mileage

When it comes to improving gas mileage, there are many tips to follow, with one of the best being to keep a full tank of gas as often as possible. It’s also imperative to understand that newer cars tend to get better gas mileage than their older model versions because of advancements in automotive technology. Here’s a couple of other tips to remember so you can put more money in your pocket and less in your gas tank. 

Invest in a newer car

As stated above, investing in a more modern car that boasts some of today’s best gas-saving features is an excellent way to start saving money on gas. Whether you want to invest in a hybrid, electric, or gas car, the latest cars are designed and manufactured to meet today’s emission and gas laws. 

Take off slow, and brake slow

When you take off abruptly or wallop the brakes, this will affect your gas mileage negatively. Taking off slow and making sure you brake softly will improve gas mileage, and even better is that it will minimize wear and tear on your car, especially the brake pads and tires. 

If you would like to learn more about improving the gas mileage of your vehicle, please contact a local insurance agency. Don’t forget that saving money on your gas mileage means you’ll have more money to invest in an affordable policy that can best meet your needs. To learn more and find a policy that best suits all of your auto insurance needs, contact Paragon Independent Insurance Agency. We are ready to answer any questions and inquiries you may have. 




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