Disaster Struck While House Sitting: What to do Now?

So you are house sitting and all of a sudden disaster struck. From a pipe bursting to someone broke into the house while you were at work, you need to act fast. If you don’t, the home owners might not receive proper compensation from their insurance agency. Paragon Independent Insurance Agency points out what you need to do in your Plano, TX home when house sitting and disaster strikes. 

Burst Pipe

You walk into the house and you hear the dreaded sound of moving water, so you head downstairs and find a pipe has burst. First, if you can, turn off the water. There’s a on/off pipe, valve or other connection in the basement. Try to turn this off if you can. After doing this (or if you can’t), contact an emergency plumbing service right away. The faster you act the less damage will occur inside of the house. Also, make sure to contact the home owners after (contact them after with all of these disasters). 

Break In

Perhaps people have been casing the house for weeks and knew the home owners are gone. Maybe they just struck at the right time. Whatever the case, if someone breaks into the house contact the police immediately. Make sure to tell them you are house sitting. The police may want to contact the home owner’s directly. They will have a better idea of what went missing. 

Smell Gas

Do you smell gas inside of the house? Leave right away and contact the fire department. A gas leak is especially dangerous and even a spark can cause an explosion. Have the fire department inspect the house. Also, make sure to tell the home owners. If it doesn’t require their immediate attention you can hold off until they return. No need to worry them while away.