When Can You Claim Your Auto Insurance

As long as you’re driving, chances are you will one day be involved in a car accident or another circumstance that will cause damage to your car or another person’s property.  You will need to contact your auto insurance provider in in your home in Plano, TX to get reimbursement. Auto insurance safeguards you against liability and costly legal battles. Some of the common claim types filed with Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies Inc include property damage claims to severe vehicle damage and bodily injuries for medical expenses. So, when should you file a claim for your auto insurance?

When a Collision Occurs

Car collisions often result in severe car damages, and you should inform your insurance agent whenever you’re involved in a collision. File a claim even if you are the one at fault or if the car damages don’t appear severe.  Sometimes the damage may be more severe than what you think. It can be hard to tell whether serious injuries are involved at the scene of the collision since some injuries have delayed symptoms. Be sure to inform your provider in Plano, TX to avoid paying someone else’s huge medical bills. Let your auto insurance agent handle it.

When You Accidentally Cause Serious Damage to Your Own Car

Let’s assume that you make a dumb driving move and hit a post causing severe damage to your car. Although there is no any other person involved in the matter, don’t fail to file a claim for repairs. Sometimes, it can be costly to cater for such repairs without the help of your insurance provider.

Whenever there is Property Damage Involving Your Vehicle

You should also file an auto insurance claim when there is property damage, and your car is involved. The liability coverage is there to protect you from such circumstances. The liability policy pays for the damage and the costly legal battles that may arise out of the situation.

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