Why set up commercial insurance in Plano, TX

There are a number of reasons to take out commercial insurance if you own a business in Plano, TX, beyond the fact that in most circumstances it is required by state law to have for your business. Below are some of the most important reasons for setting up a commercial insurance policy with a company like Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, who serves the greater Plano, TX area, to make certain you and your company are fully protected from anything unforeseen.



Commercial insurance policies also protect businesses against theft, robbery and burglary, allowing the company to not suffer monetary damages from the criminal activity, even if the perpetrators are caught. As the South has a large number of people in major cities that are nearby Plano, the chances of criminal activity of this sort effecting a business in the area are higher than the chances in less populated areas of the country. So having this covered on a commercial insurance policy is important.


Commercial insurance companies also just need protection against other types of liability, like employees being injured on the job or customers hurting themselves while inside the business itself. This will just protect a business against lawsuits, many of which are costly enough to cripple a company from doing the work it was built to do.