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3 Facts on Premium vs. Regular Gas

A matter that affects all diverse universally, deciding which type of gas to fuel one’s vehicle with can be a tad bit confusing. While it may seem like one is intrinsically better than the other, it truly all depends on the make and model of each vehicle. That said, for those who are seeking information and tips on the difference between premium and regular gas, please review the following. 

Size and Age of Vehicle

First and foremost, the size and age of your vehicle are major factors in regards to determining the type of fuel most suitable for your vehicle. For instance, if you have an older vehicle or a larger, heavier truck or SUV, purchasing premium gasoline for your vehicle could help to drastically improve its performance. 

Premium Specified?

Next, although in the aforementioned case premium gas has not been called for, in order to ensure the maximum operation of your vehicle, only purchase premium gas if it is explicitly suggested. This is due to the fact that premium gas is designed to enhance certain features that are included on certain vehicles, therefore, if your vehicle does not specifically call for premium fuel, you may be wasting your money by fueling up with this type of gas. 

Engine Type

Lastly, as previously mentioned, cars that specify "premium fuel only" do so for a reason. This is because the premium fuel helps to boost turbochargers, high-compression engines, etc., which makes certain automobiles operate much more efficiently. 

No matter which type of gas you choose to fuel your vehicle, the safest way to keep it protected is by purchasing high-quality auto insurance. Proudly serving the area of Plano, TX, Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can provide you with fast quotes, outstanding customer service, and premium coverage. Contact them today! 



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