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Are there any industries that don’t require commercial insurance?

The question of whether or not you need commercial insurance from Paragon Independent Insurance Agency comes down to a number of factors. If we’re talking about a Plano, TX business that serves as your primary income, chances are you will need commercial insurance, even if you’re self-employed. But there are some exceptions, and some industries don’t always demand it.

The question of commercial insurance for a freelancer in Plano, TX, for instance, comes down to what kind of freelancing you’re doing and what kind of risks you’re taking on. If you’re visiting people’s homes to repair garage doors or install fences or something along these lines, then there is a lot of risks that you will be taking on. On the other hand, if it’s just you and a laptop, designing websites, and nobody is visiting you at your home office, then commercial insurance might be a low priority as long as your contract exempts you from certain risks.

Running an Etsy shop or an eBay store to help cover groceries might not demand commercial insurance. The question to consider when looking at a business by scale is: If something happened and it cost you the entire business, to what extent would you be in financial jeopardy? Would you have investors to pay back, would you be without income? If the worst that would happen is you’d have to put in a few extra hours at your main job, then commercial insurance might not be a necessity just yet.

When considering whether to call Paragon Independent Insurance Agency for a commercial policy, the questions to consider are whether you can afford to lose what you’ve built and whether you can afford the risks. If the answer to both questions is no, then you’re going to need commercial insurance.



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