I Saw A Car Accident, What Can I Do?

The moment you see a car accident, you are a witness. These can happen all the time in Dallas and you want to be sure to take the best possible action. A lot can be done and below are a few of the steps you should take.

Secure Your Car

Once you decide to help at a car accident, secure your car away from it. Pull off to the side of the road and out of the way, in the event there is a fire, broken glass, or anything else.

Call for Help

Call 9-1-1 as soon as you can. Don’t assume others have called, otherwise it could take longer for help to arrive. Tell the operator where the accident is and what has happened.

Check on Passengers

Check on the drivers and passengers of the accident. Let them know help has been called as it can help to keep them calm. Help those who can move so they can get out of the car. Never move someone who cannot move themselves.

Secure Their Vehicles

Try to secure the vehicles by placing them in park and turning off the ignitions. This can help to prevent further problems. If you can, move them onto the side of the road as well.

Wait for the Police

You should always wait for the police when you can to be able to give them a witness statement. Be as factual as possible. They may ask for your contact information as well, which can be used by the insurance company as well as a lawyer hired by one of the victims.

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