Getting Prepared for our Texas Sized Storms

Texas is one of only about a dozen states that have experienced a tornado in every month of the year. We average a whopping 155 of the storms annually, causing millions of dollars worth of damage each year. From simple roof damage to loss of life, a tornado is a storm to be taken seriously.

Here, in the Lone Star State, tornado activity begins to increase in March, when we average about 13 of the storms annually. The average increases to 28 in April before peaking in May at 43. In June the number drops to 26 before going back down to single digits for the rest of the Summer. The questions is — are YOU prepared for these Texas sized storms?

Your family should know exactly where to go in a tornado. It should be an interior room in the center of your home, away from windows. The area should have, or at least be close to, blankets, sleeping bags, or other materials that you can use for cover. Have a NOAA Weather radio handy. A mobile home is not a safe place to be in a tornado producing storm, so it is recommended you find shelter that is sturdier.

Once the storm passes, you should not use a lighter in case there is leaking natural gas. Watch for broken glass and other debris. Stay away from any downed power lines. Wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

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