The Benefits of Increasing Your Auto Insurance Limits

In 2010, the Insurance Research Council reported that the average costs to cover drivers and others in an accident was $23,450. Although this number may fall within your car insurance coverage limits, it may not if you have multiple drivers who are prone to accidents each year. With the potential for more accidents, you could exceed your car insurance limits in no time. Fortunately, you can increase your car insurance limits in Plano, TX to avoid paying for insurance costs out of pocket.

What Are Insurance Limits?

Insurance limits are caps placed on all types of coverage you have on your car insurance policy. These limits place a maximum dollar amount on how much your insurance coverage will pay when you are in a car accident or damage another person’s property.

Increased Limits Means More Coverage

When you increase your limits, you increase your coverage. For instance, if you get into an at-fault accident with someone driving a Rolls-Royce or other luxury vehicle, odds are, the cost to fix or replace the vehicle will approach or exceed the limits found in basic coverage. However, with increased limits, your auto insurance company, like our team at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency in Plano, TX will likely help you cover the increased costs to repair the vehicle.

You Have Peace of Mind with Increased Limits

Increased limits give you peace of mind. Driving down the road seems much easier when you know you are backed by the financial protection of your auto insurance company. You don’t have to worry about spending your nest egg because you have the coverage you need in case you are in an accident.

At Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, we are our customer’s financial partners when it comes to auto insurance. If you need more coverage or you don’t have auto insurance coverage, we are happy to help you get the coverage you need to drive with the peace of mind knowing you are covered by a reputable insurance company.