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Does homeowner insurance cover water damage from heavy rains like a carpet in a basement?

It’s important that you know the difference between homeowners’ and flood insurance policies, so you can choose adequate coverage for your property. Don’t get caught with insufficient insurance coverage. Call our offices so a knowledgeable agent can discuss the difference and help you choose the best protection for your home.

Flood Insurance Coverage

To be considered a flood, water must reach ground that is normally dry. Flood loss occurs when the flood rises over dry land and flows onto your property. These damages might occur after events such as heavy rainfall, mudslides and overflowing lakes and rivers.

If a flood caused damages in your property, your flood insurance policy takes care of your loss up to your policy limits. Your homeowners’ insurance policy doesn’t cover flood losses. You can get coverage for this loss through an insurance agent, but the National Flood Insurance Program writes the policy. You also can get the coverage through Federal Emergency Management Office.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Your homeowners’ policy covers losses caused by water that did not touch dry land first. So, if rain filters through your leaky roof and damages your home, you’re covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy. If the storm smashes your windows and rain gets in, your homeowners policy also covers your losses. If your washer overflows, your homeowners’ insurance policy pays for the repairs up to your policy limits.

Coverage for Low-Level Areas

Flood insurance covers flood-related cleanup of items installed in specific areas and connected to power sources, including items such as your washer and dryer, deep freezer and air conditioning units. This limited coverage also applies to basements. Homeowners insurance pays for accidents that cause overflows, including food in your deep freezer and the carpets in your basement.



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