Why You May Need Better Auto Insurance Coverage in Plano

Just like life, auto insurance seems to come with a never-ending array of options. Sometimes people think of the extras as nothing but a way for insurance companies to make more money, but the truth is that better coverage is more often worth it than not. Paragon Independent Insurance Agency wants you to know more about why you should consider strengthening your coverage. 

Accidents Are Expensive 

Let’s say you’re carrying around some expensive photography equipment when you accidentally hit a car in another lane. You have custom rims on your car and your equipment is damaged in the crash. The other person claims they have whiplash, and the side of their car is fairly smashed up. All of these bills for repairs will add up quickly, not to mention the loss of the equipment you’re carrying. If you only have the minimum, you would be required by law to pay any extra damage costs. Extended auto coverage will not only help cover the other person, but it can also stop you from having to make extremely expensive replacements yourself.  

You May Not Have the Right Partner 

Paragon Independent Insurance Agency serves the people of Plano, TX and does not want them to feel blindsided should something happen to their car, either on the road or off. Liability won’t cover any repairs to your own car if you’re in an accident, nor will it help you if it’s stolen. Before you put yourself in that situation, consider calling us to talk about how you can get better coverage in case something happens. If you’re in Plano, TX you owe it to yourself to protect what you have. Contact us for more information, or to get a quote for your vehicle.