How to Know Who’s Covered: Practical Home Insurance Help

Have you ever wondered who may be covered under your insurance policy for your home in Plano, TX? We asked our Paragon Independent Insurance Agency experts about it, and here’s what we found out. We’ll share with you the following basics:

  • Family members who reside in your home are likely covered by your home insurance. The most obvious examples are your spouse and children. Other family members, such as in-laws and grandparents, also qualify if they live with you, too. And if your children are away at college, they may be able to benefit from the property and personal liability terms of your policy.
  • Tenants who are paying rent or lease in your home won’t be covered, though. If you’re renting a room or part of your home to a tenant, your homeowner’s policy still covers the whole building structure. But if your tenant wants peace of mind about their liability or belongings, they will need to purchase their own renter’s insurance policy. This type of policy will be theirs alone and separate from your home insurance policy.
  • It never hurts to ask your insurance agent if you’re not sure. If you are unsure about a certain situation being covered by your home insurance, read through your policy carefully. If anything in the terms doesn’t seem clear to you, your insurance agent will help you clarify any legal specifications to answer your questions.

If you have further questions regarding your homeowner’s insurance in Plano, TX, contact us today at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency. One click at our ‘Customer Service’ tab is all you need to get in the right direction. We can help you navigate the complex terms of your policy and help you understand how it works to your advantage.