4 key benefits of commercial auto insurance

In case you operate a transportation business, you need to purchase a commercial auto insurance to ensure that you are properly covered. This insurance coverage comes with many benefits which are exclusive for your business customers and employees. With this coverage, you will have a peace of mind regardless of who is driving your car. Below are four key benefits of purchasing commercial auto insurance policy from Paragon Independent Insurance Agency Plano, TX insurance policy.

1. Higher Limits
Every day you or one of your employees drive your car, you are at risk of getting wrecked which would lead to expensive lawsuits. In scenarios involving punitive damages, the liability costs can go to the extent of six figures. Luckily with commercial insurance, you will have high policy limits ensuring that such liability is fully covered.

2. Protects Business Equipment
If you own a transportation business, you will note that there are numerous tools and equipment which must be brought along while driving. These include catering equipment and hydraulic lifts which are supposed to make the repair and maintenance work simpler. With this coverage, you will get funds to replace these tools whenever they get damaged. 

3. Protects Employees
Business owners can have numerous employed drivers who count on them for their safety and protection. However, you will not be able to keep them in sight all the time which calls for a third party to offer protection. As such, you will need a commercial auto insurance policy to ensure that they are helped in the event of an accident.  

4. Meets the Fleet Lease Requirements
Lessees will require your business to maintain a commercial auto insurance which will protect their interests in case of an accident. With this policy, the lessees will be safe from the risk of financial loss in the event the business experiences damages.

Undoubtedly, commercial auto insurance will protect your business when the liability claims are high. Considering its high limits, you will have a peace of mind after purchasing this policy coverage. It is high time you visited Paragon Independent Insurance Agency which is based in Plano, TX, for good insurance deals.

Do Home Insurance Policies Cover Firearms?

As firearms are considered personal property, they’re generally covered by standard home insurance, up to the limits of your property coverage. If you have a valuable collection of guns, this limit may not be enough. At Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, we encourage you to consider the following aspects when insuring firearms in your home:

Replacement Cost

Expensive firearms or gun collections can be costly to replace. If they’re stolen, damaged or lost, property limits on your home insurance may be insufficient to cover replacement costs. This leaves you responsible for paying the remainder of their value, after subtracting your deductible. By taking out an insurance rider on expensive firearms, you stand a better chance of recuperating their loss.

Liability Coverage

If a visitor suffers injuries due to a firearm accident on your Plano, TX property, your liability insurance will cover medical costs up to the limits of your policy. Many home policies have a liability limit of $100,000 for firearm injuries, which may fall short if injuries are severe or result in death.  

It’s also important to note that liability coverage only protects visitors from firearm accidents in your home; it won’t cover you or members of your household. If you or a member of your household gets hurt in a firearm accident on your property, you or your household member will be responsible for medical costs.

Intentional firearm shootings that cause injuries or death on your property are NOT covered under your liability coverage.

Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental gun insurance can protect you against firearm accidents where medical costs extend beyond the limits of your home insurance policy. You can obtain supplemental liability coverage for as much as $1,000,000 or more.

To learn more about firearm protection under home insurance policies, talk to one of our agents at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, Plano, TX.   

Commercial Insurance for Retail Operations, Fast Food Restaurants, and Other Businesses

The type of commercial insurance coverage needed is different depending on the kind of property and its use. For example, commercial property that is used for a retail store needs a different type of insurance than commercial property used for a food establishment. There are also differences between insurance for apartment buildings and condominium complexes.

The agents at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency serving Plano, TX understand these special needs.

Commercial Property Coverage for Retail Operations

Retail operations are unique because they typically have lots of customer flow. There is a need for additional security efforts and insurance in the case of shoplifting in such stores. There is also a need to have insurance for slip and fall accidents, which are common in such environments.

Fast Food Service

In the fast food business, the insurance needs to protect the customer while physically at the premises and to protect the customer from contamination or illness contracted from the food being served. Many fast food retailers have been hit with major lawsuits based on the quality (or lack thereof) of the food being served. Insurance coverage for such key issues is important.

Insurance Assessment Mitigates Risk

Insurance risk includes what happens on site at the store. It also includes what happens before and after products come into the store. Product liability extends to when the products leave the store to be used by consumers. A comprehensive insurance coverage plan takes all of these factors into account and checks the insurance coverage that currently exists to look for areas where there are “gaps” in insurance coverage to fill those gaps.

Commercial Rental Property

Commercial insurance is important for rental properties. Owners buy it as a form of property insurance to protect their structures and property from damage while renting out their property.

What to do now?

Contact the good folks today at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency serving Plano, TX for a free evaluation of all commercial insurance needs. Insurance coverage delivered with a smile.

Are there any industries that don’t require commercial insurance?

The question of whether or not you need commercial insurance from Paragon Independent Insurance Agency comes down to a number of factors. If we’re talking about a Plano, TX business that serves as your primary income, chances are you will need commercial insurance, even if you’re self-employed. But there are some exceptions, and some industries don’t always demand it.

The question of commercial insurance for a freelancer in Plano, TX, for instance, comes down to what kind of freelancing you’re doing and what kind of risks you’re taking on. If you’re visiting people’s homes to repair garage doors or install fences or something along these lines, then there is a lot of risks that you will be taking on. On the other hand, if it’s just you and a laptop, designing websites, and nobody is visiting you at your home office, then commercial insurance might be a low priority as long as your contract exempts you from certain risks.

Running an Etsy shop or an eBay store to help cover groceries might not demand commercial insurance. The question to consider when looking at a business by scale is: If something happened and it cost you the entire business, to what extent would you be in financial jeopardy? Would you have investors to pay back, would you be without income? If the worst that would happen is you’d have to put in a few extra hours at your main job, then commercial insurance might not be a necessity just yet.

When considering whether to call Paragon Independent Insurance Agency for a commercial policy, the questions to consider are whether you can afford to lose what you’ve built and whether you can afford the risks. If the answer to both questions is no, then you’re going to need commercial insurance.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Home Insurance

Home insurance is a very important thing to have if you want to protect one of the biggest purchases of your life. While it is not a requirement by law to have one in Plano, TX, it is still a good thing to have. These are just a few things from Paragon Independent Insurance Agency you will want to consider before purchasing home insurance.

  1. Make sure your policy covers 100% of the replacement cost. You do not want to skimp on your home insurance. You should always make sure that your policy coverage the total value of your home in case something happens and you have to rebuild from scratch. 
  2. Look for liability coverage. Making sure that you are protected in terms of replacement is one thing but you also want to have liability coverage. This is good to have especially if you want to protect yourself from any liability of anything that happens on your property. This would include a landscaper getting injured on the job or even a friend or family member who does the same. If they try to sue you, your liability coverage will kick in. 
  3. Look for gaps in coverage. Home insurance policies are not all the same and you want to make sure you have complete coverage. Look for things like flood coverage or other things that may not be included. Have them added if possible or look for other policies to take care of these gaps. 

Your home is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make in your life and because of this, it is important to ensure that it is protected no matter what. Home insurance can do that for you and if you are interested in learning more, contact Paragon Independent Insurance Agency serving Plano, TX.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Non-Accident Related Injury?

Driving a car can be one of the biggest thrills of your life, but it can also be one of the most dangerous things you can do. For many, it is difficult to decide what type of coverage you need and it may also be difficult to understand just what your auto policy covers. For those living in the Plano, TX area, the agents with Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can help answer all your questions.

Does auto insurance cover non-accident related injury is the question. In some ways it does, in others no. It all depends on how you define an accident. If you strike a pedestrian it will cover the cost of their medical bills, for some, this might not be considered an accident because only one car was involved.  Will your car insurance cover you tripping and breaking your arm getting out of your car, probably not.

Car insurance policies are put in place to protect drivers from other drivers. They are made to help give you the coverage that you need to recover from a car accident should you have to deal with one. They are put in place not to protect you from yourself, but to make sure that if you are in an accident, no one is left with a huge number of bills that they simply cannot pay. For those that do have medical bills that are associated with their car but not with an accident, you are likely going to have a very hard time getting any insurance company to pay out.

For those in the Plano, TX area, the agents with Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can help you find the policy you need and figure out just what it covers quickly and easily no matter what.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Insurance

Today’s world is characterized by risk and uncertainty. Businesses are constantly exposed to disruptions, theft and property damage, risks that will lead to huge financial losses if they occurred. The good news is that reliable commercial insurance can help to protect your business, allowing you to focus on growing it. Paragon Independent Insurance Agency offers a variety of commercial insurance options for business owners in Plano, TX.

In order to protect your employees

Employees are some of the important assets of any business. Regardless of the type of activities your business engages in, it is very important to protect your employees against injuries sustained in the workplace. One of the facets of commercial insurance is Worker’s Compensation policy. The policy will cover the medical bills and lost wages in the event that your employees are injured while on duty.

To protect you from legal action

With the numerous possible claims that businesses are open to, it is necessary that business owners plan for such claims through commercial insurance. Even when the claims are not founded, they are likely to result in very expensive court processes. Commercial insurance will provide professional liability coverage and general liability coverage to ensure that your business runs smoothly at all times.

To protect your property

Loss, theft and damage to business property will not only disrupt business operations but also result in financial loss. This type of insurance policy is designed to provide coverage for the building that houses your business, office equipment and furniture as well as the stock. In the event that the insured risk occurs, your insurance company will respond by helping you to get back on your feet again.

Before buying a policy in Plano, TX, it would be important to contact Paragon Independent Insurance Agency for a quote. This will help you to plan effectively for the coverage as well as for your business.

What to Do After You File an Auto Insurance Claim in Plano

When you file a claim in Plano, TX, you may need to do a little more work even after the paperwork has been completed. This is especially true if the claim is complicated, with multiple requests and considerations that need to be taken into account. If you’re wondering what to do after you’ve finished filing, keep these tips in mind from Paragon Independent Insurance Agency. 

Keep on Talking 

When you give the insurance company everything they need, then there’s less chance you’ll face questions later on. The best time to start communicating with your agent is directly after the accident happens. In fact, you may want to call the insurance company before you take the car anywhere or even to see a doctor for any potential injuries you have. Share everything you have with them as soon as you have it. From pictures to names, leave nothing out. Should you realize you forgot to include something in your claim, call your insurance company back to clarify. 

Speak Up 

The best thing that you can do if you think that something is wrong is to do your own research or to make the first move. Speak up if you think an estimate is incorrect, if you can’t get an update about the status of the claim, or if you just think there’s been some type of misunderstanding. The more work you do on your end, the less likely you’ll see a problem later on.

If you’re in Plano, TX, and need auto insurance advice, then Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can help. We do everything possible to make claims go as smoothly for you as they do for us. Call us today to find out more about how we’re different from our competitors. 


Does home Insurance cover Basic home Repairs?

For the most part, home insurance is a major benefit that helps homeowner’s determine how much your policy covers and how much is left to chance. For those that have a policy and are wondering if it covers basic home repairs, keep reading. For those in the Plano, TX area, the agents with Paragon Independent Insurance Agency can help you to determine just what your policy covers.

The majority of policies are only going to cover damage that is not routine. This means that they are not going to cover age related issues, not going to cover things like damage that is related to normal wear and tear and more. For the most part, home insurance policies are simply in place to prevent the deterioration of the home as the result of any major damage that is out of the ordinary. This means things like damage from storms, fire, water damage from burst pipes, damage from pets, and even injury to people that are in your home.

The idea behind this is that you should be maintaining your home on a day to day basis as a homeowner and should not need a policy to cover the repair of daily issues. As something in your home ages, you should replace it before it becomes a huge issue so that the home will maintain its value and so that you can keep the home in good shape. Most policies are only going to cover things that are out of the control of the homeowner. This means things that you cannot prevent with routine and regular maintenance that you would provide your home simply because you own it and live in it.

For those in the Plano, TX area, the agents with Independent Insurance Agency can help.  

Do You Need Commercial Insurance If You Work at Home?

Running a business inside your own home comes with all sorts of perks. You don’t need to pay additional rent for office space. You can write some of the costs of running a business off of your income taxes, and your commute to work is nothing. However, just because you run a business out of your home does not mean you don’t need commercial insurance. At Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, we want to make sure you and your business is properly protected, whether you live in Plano, TX or the nearby area. 

General Liability Insurance

This is a kind of insurance every business owner should have, including home business owners. This form of coverage protects you should a product or service you offer cause an injury or damage a customer’s property. Without this coverage, the customer may be able to go after you and, because your business is out of your house, your home. 

Property Insurance

This form of coverage isn’t for the actual house, but instead, it is for equipment, computers, and inventory. If someone breaks in and steals your stored up inventory, home owner’s insurance may not cover it if it is connected with a business venture. So property insurance can protect the goods associated with running the business. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Do you drive your vehicle for business purposes? If so, you may need commercial auto insurance. Should you ever find yourself involved in an accident while working, regular auto insurance may not cover this. 

Protecting your business is crucial, so investing in commercial insurance is an important part of running your company. Knowing the right commercial insurance options may be difficult on your own, but here at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, we want to make sure your Plano, TX business is protected properly.