Full Coverage or Minimum Auto Insurance?

You’ve purchased the car of your dreams and now need to choose insurance coverage to protect your investment. How much insurance should you buy? New car owners should seriously consider full coverage to fully protect their investment. If you own an older vehicle, it’s up to you to select the type of coverage you need. With the help of a Paragon Independent Insurance Agency agent, Plano, TX car owners can make wise insurance choices to protect their interests.  

Minimum Auto Coverage

Every state has mandatory minimum requirements for auto insurance coverage. In Texas, the minimum coverage is $30,000 bodily injury liability per person with a $60,000 total per accident. If you cause an accident that injures two other people, your insurer will pay up to $30,000 worth of medical expenses for each, with a limit of $60,000 for the entire accident.

If injuries exceed this limit, you could be sued for the remainder of the damages. Unless you have financial resources to cover these expenses, you would do well to select higher liability limits to protect your interests. Minimum liability coverage also doesn’t cover damages to your vehicle, which means you’ll have to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Full Coverage

With full coverage, you not only get liability protection but collision and comprehensive coverage as well. Collision coverage helps pay for repairs to your car if you crash it into another vehicle or object. Comprehensive insurance protects you against theft, vandalism and storm damage. If you own a new or fairly new car, you need extra coverage to protect your investment. Otherwise, you could wind up paying for vehicle repairs on your own.  Full coverage may cost more initially but gives you greater returns on your insurance investment when you need it most.

For help in selecting the right auto insurance package for your situation, contact Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, Plano, TX.

Types of Commercial Insurance That You Need

Owning your own small business is a very important responsibility that needs to be taken seriously.  One factor that needs to be carefully considered is what type of insurance coverage you should have in place.  For small business owners, there are a variety of types of commercial insurance coverage that you should have that will provide adequate protection. 

Workers Compensation

For business owners in the Plano, TX area, having workers compensation coverage is very important.  While the state of Texas does not necessarily require it, it still provides a business with very valuable protections.  Your workers compensation policy will provide coverage to you and your employees in the event someone is injured while at work.

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance is also very important for all small business owners to have.  If you have a product or service that you sell, you are taking on some responsibility every time you sell it and a consumer uses it.  To ensure you are fully protected, you should have a liability coverage policy in place that will provide you with coverage in the event you are sued. 

Property Coverage

If you operate a small business and have a building, whether it is a rental or if you own it, having property coverage is a necessity.  Property coverage will provide you with reimbursement for expenses that are incurred if the building or its contents are damaged or if there is an incident of theft or vandalism.  In many cases, you will also be required to carry this coverage under a lease or a loan agreement.

Before getting into any new commercial insurance policy, Plano, TX area business owners should contact Paragon Independent Insurance Agency.  Paragon Independent Insurance Agency is a leading insurance agency that can help you to better determine and understand you commercial insurance needs.

Decorating Your Home With Safety in Mind

At Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies, we serve Plano, TX and the surrounding region to provide a solution for auto, home and business insurance. Our agents not only help you find a policy suited to your specific needs, our agents also assist in keeping you safe on the road and in your home. A few simple tips can protect your home and your family.  

1. Keep Open Paths

Make sure you keep open spaces throughout all areas of your home, so you’re able to move around and escaped in the event of a fire or other emergency. You want to eliminate any possible issues that could slow down the ability of you and your family to get out of your home. Leave space in between your furniture, so you’re able to move around it without any hesitation.  

2. Declutter

Clutter isn’t just unsightly. It’s a huge fire hazard, especially if you have clutter near registers or heaters. Keep in mind, if you have rooms filled with your possessions, especially if it’s stacked, and your home should happen to catch flame, rooms filled with clutter burn quicker and typically hotter. 

3. Fireplace Decorating

While fireplaces provide your home with warmth and give the room a certain ambiance, they’re also fire hazards. When you decorate the mantel, always make sure anything you place there is sturdy and won’t move. Avoid draping anything from the mantel. 

4. Pet and Baby Proof

It’s important to keep candles where kids and pets can’t reach. Always use plug protectors to avoid your child sticking anything in them. 

To learn more ways to decorate your home with safety in mind or to receive a quote for homeowner’s insurance to further protect your home, contact Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies, serving Plano, TX and the surrounding region, by calling 972-473-4813. 

When Can You Claim Your Auto Insurance

As long as you’re driving, chances are you will one day be involved in a car accident or another circumstance that will cause damage to your car or another person’s property.  You will need to contact your auto insurance provider in in your home in Plano, TX to get reimbursement. Auto insurance safeguards you against liability and costly legal battles. Some of the common claim types filed with Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies Inc include property damage claims to severe vehicle damage and bodily injuries for medical expenses. So, when should you file a claim for your auto insurance?

When a Collision Occurs

Car collisions often result in severe car damages, and you should inform your insurance agent whenever you’re involved in a collision. File a claim even if you are the one at fault or if the car damages don’t appear severe.  Sometimes the damage may be more severe than what you think. It can be hard to tell whether serious injuries are involved at the scene of the collision since some injuries have delayed symptoms. Be sure to inform your provider in Plano, TX to avoid paying someone else’s huge medical bills. Let your auto insurance agent handle it.

When You Accidentally Cause Serious Damage to Your Own Car

Let’s assume that you make a dumb driving move and hit a post causing severe damage to your car. Although there is no any other person involved in the matter, don’t fail to file a claim for repairs. Sometimes, it can be costly to cater for such repairs without the help of your insurance provider.

Whenever there is Property Damage Involving Your Vehicle

You should also file an auto insurance claim when there is property damage, and your car is involved. The liability coverage is there to protect you from such circumstances. The liability policy pays for the damage and the costly legal battles that may arise out of the situation.

Are you looking for auto insurance in Plano, TX? Contact Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies Inc today for all of your insurance needs.


Is Your Business Protected Against Cyber Crimes?

As a small business owner, you may think you’re safe from online fraud due to being a “small fish” in the big world of business. Statistics show, however, that small businesses are just as susceptible to cyber crimes as major companies. By taking protective measures, you can safeguard your Plano, TX business against Internet crimes and protect your assets. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Create Strong Internet Passwords

Strong Internet passwords can boost your online security, making it that much more difficult for hackers to get into your accounts. All your business accounts should have strong passwords to include online banking, email accounts, purchasing accounts, etc.

Tune in to Email Links

Tune in to links that may come with your business emails as they could contain viruses or open the door to cyber attacks. Never click on a link that you have doubts about. Verifying all email links before opening, even those from known associates or friends, could save your business from online attacks.  

Encrypt Sensitive Information

Encrypt all sensitive data to protect your business associates and customers from online fraud. This includes Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, health records and personal data. Encrypting sensitive information make it more difficult for hackers to gain unlawful access to customer accounts.

Protect your Business Infrastructure

Invest in the latest firewall, spyware and anti-virus detection programs to protect your data and networks against infiltration by hackers. By doing your part to protect your business infrastructure, you can help prevent online attacks.

Get Cyber Insurance Coverage

Cyber insurance from Paragon Independent Insurance Agency covers your company’s liability for data breaches that can put your customers at risk of cyber crimes. For more information about cyber insurance and the protection it has to offer, contact us at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency in Plano, TX.

Mudslides, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes, Really?

Climate change is creating all kinds of new problems for homeowners. Hurricanes that are supposed to happen rarely are now becoming frequent occurrences. Wind and heavy rain may do damage and cause dangerous mudslides. Earthquakes are happening with increased severity and in unusual patterns that have not been seen before. The expectation is that these natural disasters will continue to get worse in the future.

This is why it is a good idea to conduct an insurance review with your agent at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency serving Plano, TX to make sure these increased risks are covered by your insurance policies. It is always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard when an emergency happens. Some surprising things have been happening where homes that are not located in a flood zone are being damaged by flooding. Home insurance and flood insurance are different and many should consider having both of these policies.

If you do not already have home insurance for the replacement value of the home and its contents, it is a good idea to consider this. Also, be sure that the estimate of replacement value is accurate and up-to-date. If you have done any remodeling or made any additions to the home be sure to consider those and include the values for them in the replacement cost as well. Discuss with your agent about having special coverage for any items of great value such as antiques or artwork that are kept in the home.

Hopefully there will not be any troubles; however, if they do come up you want to rest assured that there is adequate insurance coverage to take care of the problems. Contact the good folks at Paragon Independent Insurance Agency serving Plano, TX and the surrounding areas to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for all of your needs.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

When you own a small business, there are many different factors that you will need to take into consideration. For businesses in the Plano, TX area, one factor that needs to be taken seriously as its insurance needs. For those that are looking for more Insurance, getting commercial insurance could be a great option as it provides a range of different coverages.


The first type of coverage that a commercial insurance policy will provide is liability insurance coverage. If your business produces and sells a product or service, you are taking on a certain level of liability every time it is used by a consumer. Because of this, it would be a good idea to purchase a liability policy under your commercial insurance to provide you with protection in the event you are sued and found Bible.

Workers Compensation

If you have employees that work for you, you will also probably be required to have a worker’s compensation policy. A workers compensation policy will provide you with protection in the event your employee is injured while they are at work. This is particularly important if your place of business provides a certain level of danger for those that work there.  

Property Insurance

If you own real estate in which your business is operated out of, your commercial insurance package should also provide you with property insurance coverage. This will provide you with coverage in the event your property is damaged or destroyed. It can also cover all of the equipment that sits underneath the roof of your property.

When looking for a new commercial insurance policy, Plano, TX businesses should contact the Paragon Independent Insurance Agency. The Paragon Independent Insurance Agency is skilled at helping businesses of all types and sizes to find a commercial insurance policy that is best for them.

Reasons why you should consider an auto insurance policy

It is hard to understand why you should spend so much money to buy a car and then spend another amount to insure it? However, can you imagine a world without insurance? If an accident was to occur, the person found liable would have to pay for all the expenses from his or her pocket. You do not want to be the one in that position, and that is why Paragon Independent Insurance Agency offers you an auto insurance policy.

If you are in Plano, TX, we advise you consider our auto insurance policy. We have employees that are well versed with insurance knowledge, and also, they have the experience needed to guide you through the policy. We encourage you to view insurance as an investment since it is protecting one of your great investments and in that way, you will be able to understand its importance.

We have different auto insurance coverage options for you to choose from. We offer you collision coverage, comprehensive cover, liability coverage and medical payments. With this covers, you should not worry about the risks that might occur as you drive your vehicle. Still not convinced of the importance of an auto insurance policy?

Let us look at some of the reasons why you should consider this policy.

It is a law

Having a car insurance policy is a requirement by law in most parts of the world and Plano, TX is not an exception.

Saves cost

If you are to get into an accident and the court finds you liable, the penalties will be less than that of a person without an insurance policy. Also, if your passengers or a third party gets injured under your watch, the court will require you to pay for the medical expenses. If you don’t have an insurance policy, you will have to use your own money to cover the bills, and that can leave you bankrupt.

Therefore, if you are looking to have an enjoyable and stress-free time with your vehicle, Paragon Independent Insurance Agency is the place to go. We will give you not only our best policy but also the best customer service.




Is My Pool Covered under My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

The standard homeowner’s insurance policy provided by Paragon Independent Insurance Agency in Plano, TX will cover any loss resulting from lightning, fire, hail, wind, theft, riot, smoke damage, explosion and vandalism. 

In most cases, damage that occurs to in-ground pools, which consists of cracking due to the movement of the ground or maintenance issues, will not be covered by a typical homeowner’s policy. 

The Problem of Damaged Pools 

The summer in Texas is often dry and hot. As a result, more and more pools are suffering cracks because of the movement of the ground. This can lead to serious issues for homeowners. Unfortunately, if a traditional homeowner’s policy has been purchased, these issues such as these are not going to be covered, which leaves the homeowner have to pay out of pocket for the necessary repairs.

Are Any Damages or Issues Covered?  

There is a silver-lining. If the damage to the pool occurred due to frozen pipes, vandalism, theft or lightning, then they will be covered by the majority of home insurance policies. It is important to determine the cause of the damage to know whether or not the insurance policy will cover it. 

Contact the Insurance Company 

Whenever a homeowner notices any type of damage to their home or anything on their property, they should contact their insurance company to file a claim right away. An adjuster will come to the property to take photos and write a report about what the issue is. If the damage is covered according to the terms of the policy, then a homeowner will receive a check. If not, they will have to reconsider their policy to determine if changes need to be made to prevent issues down the road. 

More information about what is and is not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy can be found by contacting the staff of Paragon Independent Insurance Agency serving Plano, TX. 


Collision vs Comprehensive, What’s the Difference?

Auto insurance policies in Plano, TX typically include both comprehensive and collision coverage. Some people opt for just collision coverage, especially if the value of their vehicle is low. However, including comprehensive coverage adds more protection.  To choose a policy that’s right for you, it’s important to know the differences.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is the most important type of coverage to maintain. It applies when you are the at-fault driver in a collision with another car or object such as a power pole or sign. It’s not difficult to accidentally hit something while driving, and if you’re at fault, then your collision coverage will protect you from incurring large expenses.

With collision coverage, your insurance company pays for damage to your auto and damages related to whatever you struck, such as another vehicle. Collision coverage often pays for related medical expenses too, but it’s important to check with an agency like Paragon Independent Insurance Agency to be sure you have adequate medical coverage to meet potential claims.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive is valuable too. It covers damage that occurs to your vehicle from something other than a collision. It covers theft of your vehicle, along with incidents such as fire, flooding, and vandalism. Hitting a deer or other animal is also covered under comprehensive.

Choosing the Best Coverage

Each type of coverage serves an important purpose. For some people, the best coverage is the cheapest coverage that allows them to legally drive in Plano, TX and surrounding areas. Other people are concerned about potential damage to their vehicle and want to do more to protect themselves from unexpected expenses. For help choosing the right coverage, please call Paragon Independent Insurance Agency, for assistance. We’d love to help you explore and assess available options.